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Wednesday, October 05, 2005'♥

IM so so so so so angry wit myself now... why must my birthday falls on TUESDAY??? y like dat... its neither here nor there...haiz..so difficult..dunno which day i shld celebrate it...

Its onli one mth away ...and i tink i need to make the necessary arrangements..up till now still dunno how to celebrate...ive checked the website on some of the chalets...sadly to say ALL OF THEM ARE FULL for ALOHA chalet...tks lei..wanted to book Lena's chalet initially coz tat place so shou liao..but its tmd not available..who is the one booking it?? got someone bd on tat day oso meh..haiz..wanted Aranda Country Club..but must see how much first..coz the stupid package 3D2N end at 17 Nov..cant they last 10 more days...haiz..rite now onli left costa sands pasir ris le..210 for two nites?? abit ex lei.. while other chalet at Changi are so ulu..Loyang de is nice..but tmd full again??? NOW TELL MI..who is booking all the chalets man..it was suppose to be A NON PEAK DAY...

My head is getting bigger..can anyone tell mi wad to do...hmmm arbo i open two rooms at Strand Hotel la...hahaha..but then in the end onli a few ppl can turn up onli... while i still got many frens lei..how to squeeze u tell mi?? i tink must 10 rooms hahha...how how...

Another alternative by Ah boy.. open at MOMO good try rite... most of my fren dun chiong de...haha..u wan to drink then say lor...dun jia jia...hmmmm...im still seriously tinking...ktv?? sian lei....haiz..up till now i still cant tink of anything..

Im so tired this morning when i went to work.. kelvin and AH boy came to my hse downstairs for kopi session yst nite.. haiz.. a price to pay lor.. keep yawning away at work... and im supper pissed wit Kelvin now.. he lied to mi abt something for 6 bloody yrs!!!!!! i cannot rong ren lor..going to show him my powers soon...damn it...

Hope tmr i will be able to mit my dearie cousins ba..so much to catch up...hopefully benjamin can go too...a family gathering....

Well i need to slp early tonite le...KELVIN WONG I DUN LIKE U...BLEAH.>>

With Love, 8:38 PM

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