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Saturday, October 15, 2005'♥

Im busy wit my life..yes i am...am i?? dunno la..just dun have the mood to blog ba...

For frens out there who cares...no worries im alright...esp cindy ah sao..im ok de...maybe tired and busy ba....

Actually i shld be feeling happi rite now...but somehow i felt an uneasy feeling in my heart...y?? i oso dunno....

Its onli a few days...

And im reacting like these?? Giver or Taker?? of coz TAKER..tats wad xiao han told mi...ya ya..taker is better...

srry i tink u all wont understand a single word tat i typed ba... tats for mi to know u guys to find out...

A song tat was intro by him...

a veri nice song...listened to it for a few days liao non stop, for those who want this song msn mi ba, i will send to u de...

醉了吧 反正清醒更断肠 无力去原谅 你背叛 算了吧
反正有你更孤单 你不会知道遗忘有多难
给你的心不要你还 痛不要你偿 陪你走过一段
七情六欲全都品尝 爱你的苦不要你扛
泪不要你挡 七情六欲打翻 笑着哭 哭着笑去想你的模样
走了吗 走到那里都一样 你不肯搬出我心上
断了吗 断了见面想不断 为何我总是为难我的慌

With Love, 12:43 AM

Lover ♥

name Kerin
age Forever 21


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