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Thursday, September 08, 2005'♥

was doing my mask while typing this entry.. ITE realli taught us good TYPING SKILLS.. haah was typing now with my eyes closd..li hai ba.. for more info pls go to the website..www.ite.edu.sg....

The mask is realli good..tks xiaohan aka the woman in love.. for recommending it to mi.. feel so refreshed after doing it.. i prefer the aloe vera de.. hehe..

Today was Shufen first day of work...hmm nt bad ba.. after work she accompany mi go Bugis..i wanted to buy jeans.. coz my wardrobe de all so baggy liao..if not veri old le.. bought one from dorothy perkins.. wit a belt..lucky i got the dist vouchers..so total up to sixty plus ba..nt bad nt bad.. then i cannot resist the temptation..so went next door to FOX..and got myself a pink long sleeve blouse.. wooohoo.. super happy wor..shopping therapy was good.. hahah.. anyway cant spend more liao..unless i save up le.. my account have reached the red light le. luckily i gave selyn to keep my saving..if not sure bo chun de..

There shall be no genting trip le..coz after some consideration..mi and baobei decided to go and book a hotel in singapore.. and we shall check in in the afternoon..had our dinner.. then go clubbing at MOMO.. then go back sleep again..haha.. after searching high and low..we decided on the Strand HOTEL located at Bugis tere.. nice location..srry xiaowei..urs too ex liao..haha this is onli eighty buckz nia..hahaha.. budget la.. had oredi took my leave just now.. on 22 and 23..so baobei u better last mine dun put aeroplane..if not i sure sit on u de.. i promise.. hehe..

happy tat ah zhu oso got in the company le.. she will be wking wit selyn ba.. so shiok rite.. poor mi stuck down here.. haiz.. nvm la..i quite gotten used to it liao la....tmr will be as usual having cg.. then maybe after tat mit kelvin ba.. not confirm yet..

sat gotta serve in gloria jeans again.. must come and peng chang hor.. hehe..missed tupperware.. must hao hao jia you hor.. we shall got ktv after u finish ur exams..rite frying pan??

and lastly tks lena for helping mi to buy weilian cd.. its so difficult to find nowadays..hehe.tks ah...

With Love, 10:10 PM

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