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Sunday, September 04, 2005'♥

IT's been more than 24 hrs since i came back home.. had a super tiring weekend.. even now i cant keep my eyes focused as i typed this entry haha.. eyelids are super heavy...


Went to work as usual except tat MILK is on half day leave.. woohoo so carefree...DBS is having this mooncake bazzar where a few hotels will come here and promote their products.. wanted to go but i have no cash.. so i was a bit sad lor.almost everyone went to buy.. seeing their satisfying smile on their face makes mi feel like going up to them and snatch their mooncake.. conclusion: everyone says that the mooncake from RAFFLES HOTEL is the best..and its the most expensive de.. Cheryl came and help mi in my work..then i asked her y u nv go buy?? then she say she forgot today got the bazzar so she went up..then i say i wanted to but cant.. so in the end guess wad.. she's so nice she bought for mi one box and asked mi to return her the money at a later date.. wow.. She bought the snow skin champagne mooncake for mi.. although i wld prefer the one wit chocolate de..hahah its so heavenly.. the lotus paste so nice..and inside there is this white choco inside wit champagne.. yummmy.. and its onli 25.50 for 8 pieces if ur a DBS staff.. ususal price 38.50.. realli thank her man.. so i asked dad to come inter and passed him the mooncake to bring home..

Went for cg after work.. ban chuan tried to preach veri fast..as i have to rush off for the chalet.. everything is fine..until james and kelvin asked stupid qns for ur info they are 12/13 yrs old.. and im so pissed off wit them.. anyway i met baobei at Tiong Barhu MRT and off we go to the chalet...

Its at ARANDA COUNTRY CLUB..when we reached tere Aaron and his gf was already (almost wanted to bring out my parang knife) haha nini was tere too.. there's a few guys there.. the chalet is so big.. like a house.. so nice and pretty too.. toilet like hotel lor.. Baobei and i were super pissed off by the few guys there, they didnt have any sense of manhood de.. so selfish eat themselves lor..at first tot they bbq for us.. in the end is bring up lor.. and they booked the whole tv lor.. so in the end after bbq we have to sit at dining table and chat lor.. stupid...so sad we got no pics... coz no one bother to bring cam.. first time seven of us was there.. hehe...

In the end we cannot tahan anymore..we went to Siru's room.. and chatted...while siru is out wit that grp of guys and her bf.. so shiok lor.. roll here and there at the bed.. Poor Jingyi broke off wit her bf of 3yrs.. understnad how she feels too.. seems tat now is the season for breaking up.. I love this kind of gathering.. everyone shares their own life..and we can learnt from everyone's mistake in life..we knew each other thru the private sch.. those were the days.. so young and innnocent.. things are different now.. we no longer chat abt wads the exams qns in the 10 yrs series.. we chat abt our target and focus in life.. our career..how to make more money.. lolz.. grow up liao hor.. maybe a few yrs down the road..we will be talking abt where to shop for baby's stuff le hahah..

Jingyi, vickie and nini went home at ard 4 so its mi , baobei and trish staying over.. poor ah ru and her bf slept at the sofa in the living room..ppl like to be cosy ma..haha..so we were so shiok man.. three ppl sleep two bed... of coz trish sure take a bigger place.. she slept like a pig when we were chatting.. its so nice to stay overnight wit baobei..we kept talking and talking.. in the end oso how we end up sleeping..

Kelvin called mi at 5am tot its the alarm.. i almost wanted to get up and go work le..then i realise im in the chalet hahaha...he just got back from JB..he went there to fill up his petrol.. asked mi whether i wanted to go home le ma.he come fetch mi..wads my ans?? of coz not.. my hair was so messy.. and im so sleepy..then he said he wanted to pick mi up in the morning.. diaoz.. i said dun need la.. anyway tats sweet of him to do so..coz he lived at TIONG BARHU lor..get back to slp after tat and we onli woke up at 10.30am..its so nice..

Didnt know the chalet was just opp wild wild wet.. went to the balcony.. the view was so nice.. can see ppl playing at the wild wild wet.. and its still so early, the whole place was oredi so packed le.. went home and change wit baobei after tat.. while waiting for the cab.. two grps of ppl snatched the cab from us..almost wanted go up to them and slapped their bloody face..but nvm we are civilised ppl.. hahaha..bought breakfast home and baobei came my hse... changed everything then she went to her cousin bd at BEDOK while i went CHURCH..so rushed lor...

Today sales was good.. tks to Enlong's Irish Creme Triple SHot tat i able to stay awake for the whole day.. im super tired lor....Tze hwa went to attend a wedding and ta pao the left overs for mi.. wad is this man/? hahah anyway got food attena is out liao..dun care so much le..hahah tks la tks la.. missed his nagging anyway.. anyway he is the in-charge of Gloria jeans.. he is a super clean freak.. i often tell him i pity his future wife.. and he say he pity my future husband.. well we shall see muahahah..sent samantha home first.. and passed my by my primary sch Zhangde... awwww..how i missed pri sch life.. i loved to see the scenery of the CBD area when travlling on ECP its so nice... how i wished im able to work in one of those buildings..

I tink i seriously need to tink abt my future le.. i cant stay stagnant like these.. like wad Jing yi said is true..you gt to know ur focus in life.. single is nothing as long as u found the real purpose of ur focus.. money is the most impt.and by then u wld have a better choices ahead..y tie the string to a kite that dun belongs to u??.... true true.. and i have decided nt to go into relationship le at the moment.. and if i realli do i hope to find a guy tat is matured, responsible, someone who had a stable career, preferably someone from church ba.. muahahhaha.

things tat are in the future i dare not to think so much.. but rite now i know wad i want and i have decided to shut the door behind mi..Goodbye my past....

With Love, 1:53 AM

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