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Saturday, September 10, 2005'♥

A simple day.. work was fun.. The door censored was spoilt.. thus a few ppl was locked outside.. technnician came and repair it at once...

was typing and then someone knocked on the door.. went over and open it.. a guy came and told mi he's here to repair the door.. but cant he see its ok?? hahah veri blurish looking guy.. told him many times its ok le.. but he still insist taking our access card and try and try.. super kiasi...

after 15 mins he finally got out of our office.. we were all gigling..coz he veri bluur bllur de.. and the way he talked veri funni..

thirsty le..wanted to go pantry get some drinks.. GUESS WAD?? he still outside!@!!!!!arggggghhhh.. now testing pantry door.. duhz.. i felt like slapping his face.. haha

after 5 mins got out of the panty.. HE"s STILL THERE>> now testing the main door!!! diaoz.. a veri hardworking staff..or maybe a spy?? lolz.. no la..he need pass to get in.. wadever company he's in.. congrats on having such a great staff haha...

cg was normal... tks karen for buying dinner for mi.. met kelvin up for a chat at one of the coffeeshop near his hse.. coz he lived near my cg place..was super tired so i decided to get home early.. he looked kinda of disappointed.. no choice lao niang..today not veri good mood.. haha..

neighbours quarelling now..son threaten to jump down.. a woman's head was found in a dustbin at ORchard.. wad has the world coming to?? with psychotic ppl who dun cherish life wanting to gain attention?? its amazing how so many ppl wanted to live their life.. while the others dun cherish it at all...

Maybe all these are signs.. signs of the end world coming.. I can sense that He is coming back sooon....

With Love, 12:11 AM

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