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Saturday, September 10, 2005'♥

Sat... finally sat le... tupperware is correct, weekend is the our fav day for working ppl like me... but of mine will be in church..lolz

Im feeling damn freaking tired.. dunno y also.. i just felt like slping and slping the whole day..orite call mi MISS PIGGY ok?? lol

Will be serving today.. haiz..with the kids.. abit reluctant to go.. but nvm im serving for God and not them rite?? shi xue li jia you!!! going to ask Joel or En long to pao the irish cream for mi.. so nice...

Tmr is sunday.. tink im gonna mit selyn for dinner or walk walk ba.. might be miting kelvin after tat not sure.. maybe for movie???

i wish time could passed by faster.. im hoping tat our the poly students can finish their exams faster.. esp tupperware and baobei...i cant wait for our next outing...

im getting used to being single le.. in fact i dun even have any intention to start a relationship rite now.. so peeps kelvin and mi is nothing de.. dun tink too much.. Oh ya Singlehood club is having more members..Welcome Miss Pekhar!!! Ur officially our member if u paid the Overdraft of tat $10..thank u for ur cooperation.. so now let mi count.. one two three ..3 members excluding tat hannie.. oopzz shall not said tat if not she angry ortie so total 4 members.. who wan to join.. we got lots of privileges... guys are welcome too.. pls Tag mi if u wish.. onli for ppl who are SINGLE..yes READ MY LIPS>>SINGLE... lolz...

With Love, 2:18 PM

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