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Saturday, September 17, 2005'♥

Sat le... the day which i look forward to so much.. i onli had two days to relax, shop, enjoy.. so i must realli cherish it man..

Went for cg after work...and had a nice chat wit my leader.. he's attached and i find tat he is the first guy who would buy ORCHIDS for his gf.. funni rite.. coz cg was at his gf house.. i saw tat bouquet and i cant help laughing lor..its so gong gong.. he was a good leader..and im realli glad tt we can communicate so well.. then he asked mi when are u going to get attached...(obviously he doesnt know abt my previous relationship..orite im guilty abt it so dun gif mi tat look) then i say not so soon la... he say he wan to help mi find from church.. i was like THANKS LEI.. all so young de..haha...coz i belong to youth svc ma.. so sad tat im not going to be a youth in two months time..haiz...but i hope i can get marry by 09/09/09 tink its so nice man..haha hope onli la.. can dream abit ma...dun gif tat look again ok..hehe...

was chatting to cindy on msn... heard from her she's going to quit her job.. tis gong gong ger dunno how to kai kou...haha so gong gong.. then i gave her a few reasons lor... actually i quite admire her.. after her exams where most ger like her age would go celebrate she went for the job...and when i called her before cg she was tutoring her kid.. omg..so packed.. dun tire up urself ok... who would acc mi her mum to go chemotherapy for 6 days.. she would.. im glad tat wad she did is the spirit of the SEE FAMILY..and im realli happy for her.. I believe GOD will bring her through everything de.. HEY SEE XING LI..JIA YOU...

NOW is the time to scold GEI GAO KING coz i saw cindy blog she like nv bother to publicise abt him.. MR YI***... who was the recent ex of CINDY SEE...when i saw the sms of how u bully my cousin.. i nearly go NP and step on ur face man... where go so gei gao ppl like u..its true she owed u money.. from buyin her text book.. but u dun need to PURPOSLY ask for a receipt rite.. like dun trust a person... if u dun trust her y in the first place lend to her.. just becoz ur blinded by love tat time..and now ur happily wit ur other ger then u remembered in huh?? SI BIAN TAI... i realli must say ALL THE BEST to ur NOW gf.. if he can do tat to CINDY..he can do tat to u TOO>>> all the best hor..wheeeew... now feel better le.. MISS CINDY pls dun let such a JERK bully u.. LIVE FOR URSELF...

orite.. today is going to be a busy day coz im serving GLORIA JEANS again.. hehe im loving it.. by the way baobei if u happen to read this.. call mi..ive found a cheaper and nicer hotel liao..tink its time to book lioa... take care all of u.. miss ya guys.. muacks...

With Love, 11:41 AM

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