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Wednesday, September 07, 2005'♥

Im happy, overjoyed, excited, gay... lolz.. today i finally got two stuff strike off my wishlist le.. and they are on the veri top wor..coz i wanted to get it for so long le...

Worked OT while waiting for Selyn....went to Metro to get my powder...then passed by tat GUESS counter.. damn it..so tempting nvm i shall ren.. coz baobei told mi tat her mum who work in DFs could get it cheaper.. i realli had nowhere to go.. so i went into another watch shop..haiz out of stock suan le. maybe i realli shldnt get it.. and here i am in Vincent watch shop.. its just rite in front of mi..the auntie was friendly.. and i realli couldnt decide which to get.. so in the end i was choosing..wawa's design and the ??? design..after long consideration i bought the ??? wan hahaha.. its been one yr le.. loved it so much.. tat time was wit ALVIN and he said he would buy for mi.. argggghhh before tat i broke off wit him le..hahah..anyway i didnt know got 15% dist so its $174..when u budget alittle dist will oso make u veri happy de...haha...

rebonding.. everything have to wait le..and this mth i tried not to take too much off.. want to earn more wor.. must shen shen shen..anyway i have passed $200 to selyn help mi bao guan le..

went to GENKI SUSHI for dinner...again???? yes lor.. i still missed the sushi lei.. woohhoo..this time its cheaper and its realli veri veri cheap onli.. 30 bucks for two.. tat ger hor always eat cheapo stuff de.. imagine go there eat cucumber sushi?? pengs...

LAST stop is FOX.. coz they changed season le. and i saw the display got nice clothes wor.. we shopped like mad woman.. its like we are back to work again.. saw Angeline was surprised tat she actually worked there.. when we both quit le hahaaha.. saw the denim jacket.. wooo so nice.. been wanting to have it since young.. tot i couldnt squeeze in..and its a miracle i managed to squeeze in wor hehe.. but the price was abit ex lor.. $59..then darling angel said she will buy it as an early bd gift for mi..wooohooo..touched touched...reserved a few stuffs..for those of u haven visit FOX..pls go..alot of nice stuff wor..and LENA got all ur fav BLACK TOP alot lor.. hehe.. somemore its got sleeves de wor.. hehe.. went to the counter to pay.. then while chatting realise tat YAP MUIFAng PAY IS in the drawer.. nobody informed her.. so happily she is got her pay and voucher.. and the denim jacket was taken 20% offf yooohooo..at least not so guilty le..hahaha... tks ger for the great gift.. u always buy mi stuff tat i realli love and need it alot tks ...

tired le.. reached home 9plus.. took a bath and here i am..going to orh orh soon le.. anyway BIG NEWS.. our dear frying pan is getting out of SINGLEHOOD CLUB soon le.. from now on she will nt be enttitled to our promotions and discounts...and oso our events..hahah no la.. PLS hand over ur MEMBERSHIP card once ur ATTACHED tks for ur cooperation.. tupperware saw it?? lets hug each other ba... we still got one another hahahaha..

Tmr Shufen coming to work at tam le..yeah finally gt frn join mi here le.. i have total recommend three frens for this job le.. for those who want a job ask mi ba.. hahahah tmr ah zhu will be going selyn's side for interview all the best ba.. dun let my effort go to waste pls heheh..

might be going lao pa sat tmr evening.. wit a few frens for cg gathering..not confirm..i wan go Dorothy perkins lei.... im still waiting for chooli's vintage ADDIDAS SWEATER for mi ahhahahaa...

im a happy ger wor..

With Love, 10:47 PM

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