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Monday, September 19, 2005'♥

Im a dumb dumb.. seriously i am.. argggghhh i cant get over the fact tat im such a dumb dumb.. haha.. Bought a top from DP...costed mi 45 buckz.. and this dumb dumb over here didnt remember tat inside her wallet she got tat 20% off voucher,argh... it could have been cheaper...damn it...

orite today have been a super busy day... passbook are piling on my desk..shld have took some pictures.. i almost fainted..and first time in DBS i worked OT until so late... but nonetheless i manage to conquere it hahaha..suppose to mit singlehood members de..but due to some unforseen circumstances of our Ex CHAIRMAN>.the U KNOW WHO.. its cancelled....

Baobei msged mi at 3pm sharp nice timing rite...told mi tat she's free to go down to book the hotel today.. so here i am so tired liao..go all the way to DHOBY GAUT and waited for her for 45 mins... arggghhh but i still love her..hehe

went shopping ard first.. in the end i veri sian liao so stand outside the MRT station.. eating a cookie..then something terrible happened.....

An african guy..big built came to mi...i tot he asking for directions..so i told him where's the toilet..then he asked mi for a drink.. he inisisted but i said i dun wan... then he asked for my number...i said i dun have hp (STUPID LIE)..aiyah too panic liao..then finally baobei called mi and saved mi..i made an excuse to go away.. then run away man.. walao not the first time got Neggro asked mi liao..i tink they prefer..ahem woman like mi..ahem means BIG hahahaa.. scary lor..esp at Plaza Sing tat area...

Yeah we finally booked a room from Strand Hotel le..80 nett lei.. good offer... and the surrounding got so many things to eat.. so after momo got supper hehe..took half day on thur..then i will go check in first i tink ..hehe enjoying my bubble bath first ahaaa... realli looking forward to tat day de dao lai..hehehe... hope baobei wont be working until so late ba..hehe...

After tat we went Plaza SIng got this craving for congee..so we went Crystal Jade and ordered the Scallop Congee and oso Shrimp Dumplings..omg..its HEAVEN!!! yummy..i dint took photos haha..dun wan to tempt u all.. not like DEVIL HAN..haha no la.. got no cam lor..hehehe anyway realli can go the food there is superb..hehe

Well tats my life for a MONDAY WITH BLUES...tmr will be a brand new day,,anyway ah jin is nt my bf...so ppl dun jump to ur conclusion.... GOD STREGTHEN MI !!!!!

With Love, 10:54 PM

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