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Thursday, September 15, 2005'♥

Guess Im realli getting old liao.. memory failing.. I just found out one thing today..

Miss Frying Pan aka xiaohan who is my cousin de bf Mr Chrisppy aka Chris once went Chinablack wit mi before.. hahah i was browsing thru the friendster then i saw his profile.. hmm veri veri familiar lei..just cant remember where ive saw him...then saw his connection..diao is Nash da ye de peng you...quickly msged Nash to confirm..and true its him wor...

Tat time we went Chinablack wit baobei they all.. then saw Nash then cut queue then Chris came...tink baobei sure still remember de..lolz..and nv say die vickie too..haha then we knew each other...hahah pengs.. tink back i wan to laugh..but anyway i forgot in the end he got treat us one jug ma?? too old liao forgot le.. i tink got ba..anyway tks huh.. Miss Frying Pan so qiao rite..muahahahahahhahahahahahaha so he was once my clubbing khaki lolz..better treat her good good hor if not i sit on him lols...

Today went lunch wit Cheryl and Gek hoon.. wa they veri power lor..go eat at Delifrance Bistro.. so ex man..no choice go ba go ba.. my heart so heartpain..coz now im veri stingy de.. save money for the retreat wit baobei ma..ehehe.. ordered steak..okok la.. not veri nice..still prefer jack's place de..went back office wit a bloated stomach.. then boss came and distribute MOONCAKES!!!!>...i mean mooncake..one onli la.. haha SWENSENS ICE-CREAM MOONCAKE..so xing fu rite.. guess which flavour i chose?? if u got it correct ur my fren.. haha of coz its CHOCOLATE de la.. arbo..hahaha so shiok lei... yummy..so touched lei..boss realli go and give to everyone... oh ya tmr is the DBS lunch.. so we will all be having lunch together... free again.. *tink *tink *tink.. the $$$$ is out hahahaa..

Tat day xiaohan sent mi a sms it looks like these...

Wad kind of drink do u tink i am??'

1 red tea
2 green tea
3 coffee
4 milk
5 coke
6 orange juice
7 soup
8 cocktail
9 water

out of curiousity i sent a few ppl...most of them say im coffee..but onli one.. ONLY ONE person say im COCKTAIL.....


1 a fren
2 one u love the most
3 one u gt a crush
4 best pal
5 first love
6 one u hope to be wit
7 one u care
9 one who u can depend on

ARGGGGHHH>> and the person who chose this is none other than........

MISS TUPPERWARE..... I KNEW IT !!! she is a LES.. omg.. cant believe it tat she actually fantasise abt mi..omg ..si tupperware li wo yuan yi dian.. ahahahhahah when i saw her reply i was laughing out loud in the office..ppl tot im mad.. i cant help it man.. dun make mi puke pls TUPPERWARE...hahaha

Going to cg tmr..after tat miting kelvin for supper.. eeeeekkkkssss he is making mi FAT..lolz although im fat oops i mean he is making mi FATTER..lolz.. orite nothing much to blog.. for NP student tmr last paper liao hip hip horray.. and miss tupperware and frying pan pls try to avail urself.. one gt wrk one gt BF le.. so pls i say PLS make urself free on sun for a KTV session.. bf is allowed if he wanted to pay for the bill hahaha..actually we dun mind la..if he come.. since tupperware oredi confess she like mi le....

With Love, 7:59 PM

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age Forever 21


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