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Wednesday, September 21, 2005'♥

Getting ready for the retreat....

yes ill be flying off at 2pm in the afternoon tmr.. i know we last min change location..so frens out there its ok la..we understand dun need to send us off.. baobei remember to bring ur passports k...oh ya forgot to mention where we will be going.. ya..the new disneyland in HONGKONG..

Ya veri good try rite..haha tats a dream hehe..super excited abt the retreat wit Baobei tmr.. i have yet to pack my stuff man..although u may say its onli for a nite..but i gt tonnes of stuffs to bring u know....

* Underwear...tell mi how to live without it..
* Cosmetic...tell mi how to go out without it..orite im VAIN
* Clothes...i dun need to say u oso know rite...
* Heels...cant be going clubbing in my slippers rite..
* My facial wash..makeup remover...
* My bolster...i might consider smuggling it in..poor baobei..haha

LOLZ.. i tink i will check in first...coz tat baobei needs to work..*cross my finger tat she does not need* so pls pray hard for mi tat the room will be fine....hehe...

Will be miting selyn at chai chee tmr to borrow camera from her.. oopz paiseh lei always ma fan u... tink i need to get one soon... ya miting her for lunch wit choo li too..so long nv go back le.. miss them all too..and oso going to return my access card oso tink i wont be going back to wrk at chai chee le sob sob..geok poh asked mi de haiz...

Guess SU FEN will be boring in office without mi for the next two days..resulted she took half day off on fri hahaha..just to go out wit mi.. my power not bad ba..lolz..she is like my mum..always bring food..provide mi tissue..let mi scold..but on the other hand..she is one of my veri good fren..srry wor i admit sometime im a bit impatient..and fierce to u..trust mi ur one of my best pals too..

Orite gotta go now.. getting tired.. can u imagine..in 7 hrs time im goign to wrk again..haiz..lucky its for half a day onli...

AH nash u better go MOMO tmr hor.. u promise de..orite pics will be up soon..stay in tuned ba...

With Love, 11:10 PM

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