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Tuesday, September 13, 2005'♥

Finally back home.. woo hoo long day man...

Work was fun..and im looking forward to it..coz now know more ppl liao.. and got a few of them treat mi veri well.. as we laugh at our jokes..time seems to pass by veri fast...

After work Kelvin came and we went dinner at Changi Village.. still early nowhere to go.. so we went to catch a movie..ONE more Chance at TM..yesh finally watched it..nt bad.. like the Parking AUNTIE..she looked like my supervisor hahahaha.. had a good laugh..at first tot i wld cry when watching..but i did not lei.. so i gave 3 out of five stars ba.. lolz.. nt as much as i expected..

After movie im so tired liao..so ask him sent mi back home. He got a new hp number same as his bike plate.. diaoz how he managed to find de..lolz..tmr going to bet big big on it man..lolz..guess now he shld be in the KTV wit his frens le ba.. kept asking mi to go.. mad ah..if i go tmr i will crawl to work..somemore all GUYS de.. i must be crazy if i go... my bed is better lolz..

:::::::BIG NEWS::::::

Lao Chek aka Fabian is back..just msged mi in msn..woohoo..missed him and his silly joke so much.. after going back Malaysia for one mth..he said he's back coz he wanted to see mi.. wad a good try man..and im so happy to hear from him again..hope he can find a good job here.. and i shall nt curse him anymore lol..

Tmr after wrk will be going to Plaza Sing..and then to YMCA for bible study.. guess this week quite siong for mi.. milk going to take one day leave on next mon..win lor..so busy lor..im going to work like mad cow le..there are all talking abt taking their block leave today..shit lor..i had none.. all talking abt where they're going arggggghhhhh.. nvm baobei..we will enjoy ourselves too de rite?? hehe..

All rite enough of updating le.. gonna go get some beauty slp le.. tmr will be a better day

With Love, 10:25 PM

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