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Sunday, September 18, 2005'♥

DunnO wads Wrong wit tat Tze Hwa.. our 8 digits like buay gam de.. always quarrel wit mi de.. wad i do he always sure got something to say.. hahaha but nonetheless its fun.. and tks to CHELSEA.. there's alot of rumours between mi and Tzw Hwa.. we always bicker de...do u tink i will like him..somemore he is a 100% CLEAN FREAK..while im onli 70% hahaha...

NONETHELESS SERVING IS FUN!!!!! for those of u who does not have a ministry JOIN ONE!!!!... u will have great fun in it....

Service was good... Pst Richard Roberts..son of Oral Roberts University came and had a healing svc wit us.. when u see then u will believe... ppl are healed..ppl crying tears of joy...and most importantly salvation..When one is saved the whole heaven rejoiced... Those ppl saw the miracles and they believed Him..Realli..We humans believe wad we see instead of what we hear...If u do not know wad im toking abt... i tink u realli need to join a church or ask ur christian fren abt it... hehe..

Dunno wad to blog le.. anyway im going out wit Sufen tmr..still have not decide where to go.. boring life..hehe

With Love, 12:36 AM

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