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Monday, September 05, 2005'♥

我什么都没有 我推开了双手你予取予求
直到你想自由 痛苦的时候我不会闪躲
我还是我 简简单单的爱过
被梦带走 当故事结束之后

Realised tat i like JJ songs nowadays.. his song is so nice.. and depicts a different meaning..

I was super tired today...almost fell aslp while keying in the EARMARK today..went to the toilet and washed up my face..ahhh better le....

Yst nite.. Kelvin called mi.. and he was at my hse downstairs..he didnt told mi beforehand..coz he know tat if he tell mi i sure dun wan come out de.. had a bad quarrel wit my dad yst..so i decided to go and relax myself... he asked mi to bring my passport and there we go..went to JB and fill his petrol.. its been long since i went tere.. the causeway is still veri crowded wit ppl..

reached the Shell station.. fill up his petrol.. and its costed onli 5.50 in Sg dollars.. omg.. half the price here...then we went for dinner.. he ate coz i no mood to eat.. onli drank the soya bean milk..veri nice.. then its home sweet home le.. reached hm ard 12 plus..

For this week i wont be going chai chee le.. haiz.. missed them alot.. esp Ramlee haha.. but my colleagues is better here.. today Ngan Imp nv come so i took her seat.. away from MILK.. haha and we kept laughing and lauhging.. its better to sit wit Gek Hoon they al.. Milk saw we were so happy..she jealous came over and asked mi back.. spoilt our mood..hahaha Company is having a get together lunch on 16Sep... the whole tamp DBS staff is allowed to go.. at first tot i wont be able to go..coz im onli a temp staff ma.... but Cheryl insisted i go.. got three time slots i chose the 1pm de.. haha they say will have alot of shuai ge there.. coz sixth floor is famous for tat.. anyway im onli interested in the free lunch.. yu sheng le yi bi le..hahhaha..hope it will be fun ba..

Wanted to watch the show san ge hao ren..nobody is free to go wit mi..hmmpph sob sob..who want go call mi hor.. as long ur a human will do.. going out wit xiaohan.. to marina for dinner and some shopping hopefully haha.. haiz.. a place to hui yi guo qu.. haha anyway i heard from him tat his brother is going in NS le...how time flies.. tat time when i know him his brother had just finished his exams.. wooooow.. its so scary how time passed by without realising it..

2 mths to my 21st bd (ahem)..
3 mths to Xmas..(my fav event)
4 mths to chinese new yr...
5 mths to valentine day...
6 mths to Poly intake...

Anyway for those who are having exams now.. just wanna tell u guys something.. i have longed forgotten wad is exams le.. muahahah so evil rite.. all the best..study hard ok.. esp SEE FAMILY de... baobei..remember while studying to go book the tix for our Genting trips ok.. i will be calling u everyday to remind u de..mauahha..

Orite.. going to scold my mum le.. for not buying mi a LV bag.. hahahah.. nah going to watch some tv and then catch up wit my beauty slp le..

Im leading a carefree life....

With Love, 8:46 PM

Lover ♥

name Kerin
age Forever 21


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