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Saturday, August 20, 2005'♥

Yoo hoo..im now in Batam wor..first time can use com here wor..coz they bought a new com and its using dial up now..super slow lor..well reached here ard 10.30pm..put our bags then we're off for dinner wor...

Went to the roadside hawker..haha first time dine there at ikan lele.. quite dirty but the food was delicious wor.. been having diarrohea since yst.. but i dun care le..like the sotong there so much..then i got this craving of eating porridge so we went to bur bur jarkarta and tapao home..bought a bottle of red wine too..romantic rite..

Feeling so carefree and happy here...kenny who keep pestering us to take photos for him....is so irritating..haha then we helped him to take pictures coz he want to put photos in his friendster..guess wad he actually go and change and style his hair at the 2.50am...diaoz..and we are forced to be his photographer man.. haha

Tmr is going to be a long day..going to pay respect to my grandad and then off we go to celebrate my cousin ah mi birthday.. haha going to the ktv..hope we will all enjoy ourselves and most importantly my diarrohea is gone..tks fang fang for the medincine..if not im going to collaspe le..

Kelvin is going to pick mi up when i came back from Sunday.. wad are frens for man.. he is realli someone great

Btw Tupperware and Frying pan..are u missing mi now?? as well as Dexun?? hahahah lol..k k shall update again soon...

loads of pic to be uploaded soon..buai buai

With Love, 2:30 AM

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