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Thursday, August 25, 2005'♥

Wad a tiring day...and oso not so lucky day...

Went to work at tam branch... sianz..atmosphere totally different lor..haiz..how am i going to survive the whole day..luckily tat "woman" worked half day.... then after lunch my stomach was so painful tat i cant concentrate on my work at all..so in the end i took half day off.. sianz..

Went home and took a nap before going out to mit FRYING PAN..both of us super sian and tired..dinner was at V8..long time nv go le... order my fav chk cutlet...and frying pan order chk chop..saw a veri disgusting mum.. she put the food in her mouth then spit out and let her daughter eat.. MIND U this is the TRUTH..omg..we almost fainted at the sight of it..so gross..and the gong gong daughter..dunno how to fight de...eeeeeeekkk almost vomitted out our dinner..

Went to shop ard at BUGIS VILLAGE...realli changed alot wit more shops.. im broke..so its our shopping queen preying for somthing to buy..walk until half way she told mi she want to go LS?? OMG just now asked her go toilet she go there make up...then now.. walked until so shuang liao she wan to LS?? hahah so we walked all the way to OG toilet.. wanted to go to the watch shop and look for my GUESS watch but it was closed liao..sian sian sian..

Bought a beaded necklace from there.. still owe FRYING PAN MONEY LEI..haha tink im too old liao..for those of u who know mi i seldom buy acessories de lor.. this time is a tu po liao hor.. love it alot man..going to wear it to work tmr wor..

Tmr will be working at CHAI CHEE woo hooo..can see all my frens liao...after tat going to cg at TIONG BARHU..Chelsia promised mi a nice dinner de wor.. sat will be serving GLORIA JEANS ba..sian lei.. so long nv serve liao..somemore this week not my team..wit all those little kids..duhz..see how ba..

Saw Fab onilne..faster go nudge him..haiz who knows its not him its his sister..diaos.. talked to her for awhile..she say their home at MALAYSIA no comp..so how am i going to talk to him neh...hahahaha..wait and wait ba..wonder have he found a job there liao.. oei si lao chek..if u see this blog..gif mi a call hor...

Everywhere i go is the song TONG HUA>>>JIA GEI WO>>>WAN BU LIAO>>>y like dat.. want to forget a person realli is so difficult lei...but im forced to do so...


With Love, 11:33 PM

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