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Sunday, August 28, 2005'♥

Wad a day of rotting at home.. was actually going out wit Kelvin today..turned out tat he had a bad flu.. so i asked him to stay at home to rest the whole day.. asked him to call mi every five hours so tat to make sure he is realli at home resting.. coz he always like to go out wit his zhu peng gou you..lol.. hmm tink tat everytime we wanted to go out sure got things happen de..if its not mi then its him..hahaha wad a joke..

So abt my rotting.. basically i was at home...listening to songs.. log into irc..so tat ah jin can send mi songs faster..wowo one yr liao nv log in lei..haha...knew some ppl in there.. but i tink the ppl tere not veri trustable ba..lolz anyway i dun care...played gunbound wit BEN..yes its BEN tupperware's brother.. haha played for almost two hours wit him.. read my harry potter...and before i knew it...its 7pm..watched the show..pao ba hai zi...so sad and oso the korean show hui jia.. i cried when i saw the ah ma..its like my ah ma..and i missed her so much..

Stupid msn..when i talked to ppl there write the msg cannot be sent to the receipent..walao..y like dat..i was so pek chek lor..and guess wad..my contact list is back to zero again..argggghhh y is it always be???? so i have to go ard adding ppl again.. sianz..i hate msn..

Half an hour more to fight the monday blues monster...sianz..the tot of going to wrk irks mi.. how i wish weekends can be longer.. will try my best to take off on thur.. to go back bishan.. i wan to take medicine oso.. srry ah selyn.. if i realli cant take off.. u knw my situation rite.. wanted to go gym but no ppl pei mi..so sad, my usual khaki says she's busy this week..sianz have to wait one more week.. tupperware and frying pan if interested tell mi i got free pass...so tmr might be going home ba after work.. waiting for pay day to come......

If one day the day come.. and we have to part.. will u still care abt mi??

With Love, 11:26 PM

Lover ♥

name Kerin
age Forever 21


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