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Saturday, August 13, 2005'♥

Today is a fine day.. i didnt missed him tat much..guess im slowly recovering le ba.. tmr got another obstacle..going church tmr means i will passed by his house..haiz...hope i can conquer it ba..

Karen went hongkong le.. just msged her and she is shopping there how i wish im there too haiz.. asked her to buy a bag for mi..hopefully her taste is good ba..hehe i wan wit MICKEY MOUSE de hehe..

Today my colleague Suhaila was on leave.. she was inchrage of mi de.. so Cheryl who is back from her leave came and helped mi.. she is more superior than suhaila.. anyway working wit her is great..she teached mi a lot of stuffs..and im not stress wit her.. tks to her im feeling better..working at tamp is good..at least i dun need to wake up so early..and i know where to eat cheap cheap food hehe..

Fab acc mi for lunch today..tink he is not feeling tat well.. rest early ba.. went cg after work.. and im so tiredd.. but had fun wit chelsia.. my life is so simple now.. yeah..its going to be a new week soon.. next week might be going for my grad ceremony..sad rite nobody go wit mi.. hope i can take leave ba.. and on fri im going back batam le.. mon going fisherman wit chelsia.. tue going celebrate cindy's bd.. wed going balaclavia wit cousin.. wooo ALL FULLY BOOKED.. srry no more time slot liao.. so ppl who wanted to book..pls try next next week..srry for any inconvenience caused...

Give mi some time.. to HEAL

With Love, 12:29 AM

Lover ♥

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