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Saturday, August 27, 2005'♥

Super tiring day.. missed the bus today..resulted in being late for work.. nvm more to come my way.. just reached chai chee awhile..then tat gong gong supervisor of tamp asked mi to go back tamp today after lunch.. i was like..wtf?? becoz tat "woman" took MC..damn it. lor..waste my transportation fee.. somemore i dun have lunch break lor. onli half an hour..si ji dan.. y im so suay de everytime..

Jo called mi and asked mi to mit him at tamp for lunch..since i got tat pathetic half an hour..so i met him and harry potter..when i saw them JO was outside smoking.. then i talked to harry potter.. and he told mi tat Jo's gf GIGI broke up wit him?? i was eating half way then i choked// duhz.. y like dat"?? they just celebrated their first month together.. is relationship nowadays so fragile?? im feeling so sad for him haiz...wad is love???

Then jo came in and told mi the whole story lor.. so now singlehood club got one more member le.. We welcome anyone of any religion, age and size..as long ur single.. pls email to kerin155@hotmail.com to register..lol..

Went cg...and im so happy tat Karen bought mi a bag from hk.. tmr then she will pass mi..tks tks im so SUPER TOUCHED.. shared my offering msg in cg.. i did not refer to the bible wor.. you tu po liao..hahha.. cg msg was good.. abt 4 kinds of test we faced in our life..

* Pressure test - are u living under stress??
* People test - do u feel disappointed becoz of someone??
* Persistent test - Are u committed??
* Priority test - the most impt de.. wad is most impt in ur life rite now??

I tink i failed all the test.. im living under stress yet i did not turned to God..instead going to frens.. HE is the pillar of strength..Why do i Miss HIM OUT?? As for the people test.. yes im realli veri disappointed in "him"... someone whom i trust and love so much becoz of some lame reason broke up wit mi?? i still cant figure out how and y do u change to be anotehr person in such a short time/// tell mi if u were mi how will u react?? happy?? As for the persistent test, i admit im not committed enough in church... lastly PRIORITY.. feeling the most guilty..realise my first priority is not GOD>..its money, shoppping, food..anything but Him.. haiz.. need to seriously change myself.. i cant be like these forever..

im such a failure.. there are times at nite.. i felt like msging u.. felt like calling u.. yesh if ur reading this post.. u might be giving a little smirk.. feeling so great tat im actually here suffering for u...i tot i have oredi given up on u.. but i cant.. even the slightest thing reminds mi of u.. this is so miserable.. if given mi a chance..i wld have not chose to know u at all..maybe i wont be feeling so terrible rite now.... i dunno wads my feeling for u ?? hate or love?..

I hate those ppl who are veri happily in love asking mi.."eh u broke up wit u bf liao ah?" "Huh y like dat??"" its bloody sacarstic to mi ppl..if u do not know.. from now on those who are so happily in love..pls i mean pls..dun come and asked mi abt my relationship..yesh i might sound abit mad..i just had enough of ppl asking mi these qns..

With Love, 12:20 AM

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