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Monday, August 22, 2005'♥

Called mi the Diahrroea Queen... my stomach is having blues rite now..haiz.. these few days always got diarrhoea oso dunno y.. tink its tat selyn hai wo de..haha we been sharing medicine..too poor to see doc..lolz.. hmm so pek chek lor.. dunno wad happen to my stomach..once i ate liao..then it will come out..maybe its oso a good way of losing weight ba..but nt a good way for selyn haha coz she so slim le..

My mood was good today..i oso dunno wad..nothing much happen.. im so busy tat i did not realise its lunch time until siti told mi tat...met shao mei for lunch..we went S11...then went GIODARNO and saw the T_SHIRT 3 for 11 dollars!!! haha so i bought one round neck in white.. shared wit her and her colleagues.. now they got this DISNEY character de..all so cute..but im waiting for my piglet de to come..hehe winnie the pooh although cute..but NO WAY!!! dun remind mi of him pls.. loved the plastic bag so much..its so cute...

Went home str away monday ma..a day to rest hehe.. changed my blogskins..nicer rite.. i like the wordings..veri true.. gonna upload songs into my MP3.. Zhong jin msned mi and told mi a shocking secret.. he broke up wit his gf of 2 yrs?? omg.. diaoz.. wad is happening nowadays man.. might be miting him later at my hse downstairs to drink kopi.. see how ba..if poh ken wanna come oso.. missed ah jin so much.. knew him since sec sch.. we everyday talked to each other de hor.. we are like close bro and sis.. and he is veri caring de.. we can talked until last time his sis tot im his gf lor..hahahha.. but its impossible within us de.. coz we are in a platonic relationship lol..

Alot of ppl said tat my pic wit AHMAD.. AHMAD looks like STEVEN LIM?? omg.. its so impoosible..hahaha they realli makes mi laugh until pengs lei.. anyway Ahmad is my cousin ah boi's best fren..he is a chn wor.. ah mi like to bully him..always forced him to drink alot hahha.. .

Tmr going to work in chai chee.. hmm heard tat CHITRA is back from her holidays in NEW ZEALAND le..hehe yeah so tmr is going to be a slack day..i oso dunno y GEOK POH asked mi back there.. thur going out wit xiao han..we are going to BUGIS can cafe...hehe nice ambience there...

Ya im going to lock my blog again.. instead of changing the address coz im grown attached to this add le.. for one yr plus ive been blogging here.. so as for the password asked mi in msn ba... reason is simple.. ask mi then i tell u ba..lol.. so in three days time.. im going to locked le..

With Love, 9:30 PM

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