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Saturday, August 13, 2005'♥

Popo went back Batam today le.. wit my uncle.. so sad wor.. no more GOOD food le..haha so dieting starts today le..hehe.. anyway im going back next week so sure can see her de..hehe..

Service was not bad today.. a short sermon.. abt WORSHIP..The songs in the CROSS album was certainly great.. all my fave songs except amazing are inside..after church went to mit wawa.. srry bao bei tat i didnt went clubbin wit u again.. i know i can be a pillot liao..always put u aeroplane..dunno y lei..tink i too long nv go liao..so not quite used to it..

Met wawa at JP de bread talk..but i was late..not my fault its the church bus.. it went rite inside to NTU.. tink they got some bible study over there at one of the lecture hall.. wowo first time went NTU..the bus took ard 8 mins to turn ard the whole NTU.. its certainly veri BIG..saw Jinchun's hostel..not bad not bad. hehe.. but of coz he was not in la.. i tink its nicer than NUS ba...lolz... so tats y im late lor..hehe.. cant tot of anything for dinner.. so we went to SEOUL garden for dinner..coz of tat gong gong coupon she got there.. guess wad..CANT PAY BY NETS??? wad the F**K..y like dat one..now tell mi which place dun accept nets?? almost everywhere do lor..hahhha..well poor wawa she got to go and draw money.. imagine she not coming back..then im going to be a dishcleaner le..haha

Thank God she came back..lolz.. then we ate our dinner there.. lolz..from now on she is called FRYING PAN..while Cindy still remained as TUPPERWARE..interesting nickname we got therre.. and im free of this kind of nonsense hahaha.. anyway didnt ate much.. onli a few hotdogs (im lying).. haha while that ger ate alot of yellow mee.. i tink she went there just to eat mee..like nv eat before.. MAD WOMAN..still wan to snatch wit mi somemore..hahhaha.. like JP's seoul garden..coz of the potato salad veri nice wor..and not to mention the cheese hotdog..

Then we went shop shop ard.. haha we wanted to go to the library de..but we are 10 mins late..so sad..upon entering a lift..we saw a wierd guy hahah..his expression is so funny..trying to act as if nothing happen.. he pulled his underwear tink it got stuck or itchy ba.. haha i didnt saw it..that perverted FRYING PAN saw it..hahha.. so funni..then went to Harvey Norman coz my headphone is spoilt decided to get one.. so tat My MP3 will not have dust on it..lolz.. compare and compare and guess wad in the end we manage to find one tat is the cheapest 9.90..so kiam rite..hahah then alot of stupid things happen tat makes us laugh like hell..its like we saw the same thing happen and happen again..wonder did we went back to the past..

Wanted to mi jie house to stay over nite..but too bad its too late when she msged mi i oredit went out of the house le.. so nv bring any clothes.. anyway going to celebrate TUPPERWARE bd on tues..wad shall we get for her??

With Love, 11:51 PM

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