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Thursday, August 04, 2005'♥

Just reached home and its oredi 1217am le.. haiz.. few more hours and im off to work..sianz.. Met Mi Jie for dinner today but she off work at 8 so i went shopping myself today.. Its veri dangerous for mi to shop wit no one ard..coz i tend to buy alot of things.. i need ppl like Selyn and Jessie ard..coz they will nagged at mi haha..

The mystery amt of money in my bank is still not solved yet but im promise myself not to use it..coz who know the next few days they will tansfer it out of my account le.. My hands were freaking tired today..due to the shopping bags.. not in a good mood these few days.. so this the kind of thereapy tat i choose.. and it comes wit a price.. I bought a Handbag from Mango, one formal pants.. one skirt, a pair of heels.. and a tshirt.. for those of u who knew mi u shld know tat all these are NEEDs.. wad i owned is oredi veri old, if not i cant wear le.. so dun say tat im a spendthrift pls..hehe.. and most importantly i bought FAMOUSE AMOS, missed it so much..

Went to Guess and saw the watch tat i have been eyeing for a year..its the first time i loved a watch so much...its the diamond watch with Guess on it.. alot of place was out of stock le..coz too long liao..but i loved it alot..esp the white one...went to try it..but the GUESS watch is much exp than the one sold in normal shop.. it cost $205..while others is from $140-195...the devil keep asking mi to buy it buy it.. and im realli feel so tempted man.. but in the end i tot of the holiday trip tat i wanted to go wit dodo so i gave it up.. so heart pain.. nvm la..if its meant to be urs it will be urs.. (who want to transfer more money to mi?? i dun mind an early bd present hehe)...

Met Mi Jie at Indochine...loved the ambience alot.. and of coz memories flood back to my mind.. just as i was abt to cross the road.. i saw Alvin again.. saw him yst and today.. why?? we nv contact each other veri long le..and i saw tat he is wit his new gf.. hope they will be happy ba.. he was shocked to see mi.. but i act as if i dun care at all.. ordered one jug of beer but it was not enough so we ordered another glass.. looking forward to Mi jie bd.. i will be going back to Batam.. to celebrate at Ktv wit her.. then we shall drink as much as we can le.. yeah.. so carefree..

Tmr will be miting Huilian at City Hall she is going to pass mi the stuff tat i asked her to order le..yippeee.. after tat tink i might be going tampines to look for selyn ba..anyway she is coming to my company for interview..hope she will get the job ba..yeah..

Im tired of guessing.. once and for all the truth pls..

With Love, 12:16 AM

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