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Sunday, August 28, 2005'♥

Just got home not long ago...

Was in church the whole day.. tot of going Liquid Room wit Baobei they all..but feel veri sian..Got to know a few new frens today.. Mavin and Ting ray.. they realli make mi laugh like mad woman..we ordered ROJAK from the coffeeshop..and its so stupid..rojak wit no tau pok and not to mention my FAV YOU TIAO..wad???? onli cucumber and turnip..and some pathetic pineapple.. diaoz.. no more you tiao nv say de lei..sian lor i was behaving like a mad woman in church the whole day today.. oso dunno y...my mood was good..

I finally bought a black shrug le..hehe wanna tk the seller she even helped mi alter the sleeves..so nice of her..Karen gave mi the bag tat she bought in Hk.. wow its a totally gold bag..haha breakthrough lei..and i love it alot.. so punk man..lolz...and oso a tin of cookies from HK DISNEYLAND...hahahha so cute u know..

Was at the riveria chatting and fellowshipping wit my members.. where i got a full view of his house...tink he's at home ba..i was msging JERRY tat i so heng.. dunno y la suddenly msged the wrong person..and guessed wad it went to him.. diaoz...its so bloody throw face.. i didnt even realise it.. until he msged mi.. well srry to disturb him...anyway he didnt even care abt it rite??

After church.. Jerry sent mi home.. continue to crap the way home as we walked back.. then reached liao still buy drinks from 7-11 and continue chatting.. haha its like so long we nv chatted liao.. the weather is so windy today.. a good day for chatting..

Looking for ppl to be volunteer to sell the TULIPS FOR THE CHILDREN CANCER FOUNDATION...who want to go wit mi?? its on 4 SEP got two shift 9-1 or 1-6... for mi i will choose the second one ba.. SELYN go lei.. Frying pan and TUPPERWARE GO LEI.. lets go and do a part for charity ba..

I finally smiled and its not becoz of u this time round....

With Love, 1:37 AM

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