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Friday, August 05, 2005'♥

Job.. is a character in the Bible....he is known as a great believer of God..there was a time when he lost all things..his possession, his family, his frens and everything tat he have... Ppl asked him to curse God and dun believe in Him...But he did not.. instead he continue to praise God..

A verse tat he wrote: "Naked I came from my mother's womb, naked I shall return....

This verse struck mi just now.. even though how bad my situation is rite now.. I shally Praise Him continually.. and not dwell in hatred and cursed.. I shall not let the Devil win over my heart..

The house opposite my house caught fire just now.. i was typing my the other blog entry just now and didnt realise a single thing..my mum came to mi and told mi to close my window.. i always tot tat smell is from the burning of insence paper due to the seventh month.. Went to the kitchen and took a look.. The fire is veri big.. the glass on the window droppedd off..luckily no one was injured although im not veri sure.... saw the flames through the window.. burning and burning.. if there is someone else in the house how bad could it be.. the person must be struggling... I felt ashamed of wad i typed just now in the previous entry.. everything has a solution to it.. y shld i tot tat the life is so meaningless..when everyone is trying their veri best to put off the fire just to save a life??

How worse can it be..There were four police car, one ambulance, two fire engines.. saw from the fire man's face tat they are veri tired and i realli appreciate them do their part to save a person's life..the whole process took one and a half hours.. a lot of ppl gathered around to see from below..thank God tat no one is hurt..

Im just wanna say srry to my grandma, mama and daddy..srry for shouting at u all.. my mama saw tat i haven ate my dinner..went to fried rice for mi..i cried when i saw the effort she made instead of being angry wit mi.. a thousand apologies..

With Love, 9:43 PM

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