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Wednesday, August 03, 2005'♥

Its Alicia last day today.. we were so slack the whole day.. i simply just sit around and chit chat man.. a day just passed like dat lor..went for lunch with Bennie instead of Darina they all..coz they are so busy wit the accounts stuff.. anyway its been long since i talked to her.. she is my sec sch frens wor..glad to see her working wit mi at the same company today..

Went to check my account to see whether my pay Agnes helped mi bankk in le ma.. to my surprise the amt is doubled...and now my bank is four digit man.. haha first time in my whole twenty one yrs of life got so much money..but i tink its due to some errors ba.. maybe ppl transfer wrongly i tink ..haha..

Met Jess for dinner today.. went Orchard and our dear ger was late man.. Went to G2000 and looked for formal blouse..and i bought one.. realli liked it alot man.. anyway today is the last day of their sales too..im so heng..hehe then we proceeed to Far East..ate at Ramen Tien.. was so full man.. then went to MILADY.. My fren shop and bought a pants at forty bucks..tink its ok la.. liked it alot.. and its the last piece man.. wanted to buy a heels..but not much time coz all the shops are closing.. haiz..thats working life man..just shopped awhile and ppl are closing liao.. Took the Express Bus home..but it was not Express at all man.. so we chatted in the bus.. time realli passes veri fast and our dear Jess had been working for 3 mths plus le..hehe first time lei.. she can worked for so long lor..

Im too tired le.. eyes shutting down..gonna go wait for dodo to call.. will be miting Mi Jie for dinner at Indochine tmr..my fav place lei.. hopefully she treat mi hehe... hope i will be able to buy a pair of heels soon wor.. ZZZZZZZZ

With Love, 12:23 AM

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