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Wednesday, August 10, 2005'♥

im so tired after a long day.. seems tat nowadays after work always go out.. tat leaves mi wit no rest..its been long since ive stayed at home..so i declared tmr shall be a STAY AT HOME DAY...

some of the pics i took during these two days..

she is so cute rite..so bubu de..hehe

Got back from ah zhen house..yeah to see my beautiful god daughter wor.. so cute.. she got veri obvious double eyelid..and long lashes..so i tink she will grow up to be veri pretty de wor.. hehe.. but my gong gong fren..named her LIM XUE TING..CHARLOTTE.. diaoz.. y call xue ting?? so obiang hahah..stayed and chatted wit her.. wit ah zhu..and shao mei..wowo its like a secondary sch gathering lei..so fun, missed the times..anyway we decided to take a cab home..super far lor at Commonwealth..

kelvin called mi and asked my whereabouts..so surprised today he nv worked..he say his bd coming hope i can celebrate wti him..anyway for those of u who dunno who he is.. i knew him for 6 yrs le.. haha and hes been in love wit mi since..lolz.. jkin la...actually Kelvin offered to send mi home.. but too bad shao mei wit mi coz he's is a bike ma..haha spoiler la shao mei..hahahah...

yst had a great adventure wit my dear cousin..xiao han..supposingly to be three of us..but tupperware ah sao need to do her e-learning at home..so too bad.. haha we watched the movie THE MAID.. nice nice show..although 3/4 of the show my eyes are closed.. tooo bad no guys watched wit mi..haha no sense of sercurity wor.. then went to eat at the RICE TABLE.. wooo hoo so yummy...feels like eating back in BATAM.. anyway xiao han is veri gong gong de...got one chk she say is TERIYAKI chk..pls lor..tat is an INDONESIA RESt.. muahahhaha..lol..then we went to marina square and watched the fireworks.. all ard us is couples..nvm we shall not be affected de.. enojoy ourselves man..we are so excited everytime the fireworks changes..i tink their recorder all got out voices hahaha.. we walked ard the area coz there is simply too many ppl le.. finallly reached home ard 11 plus.. too damn shag le.. hehe..

my fave fireworks...

and of coz not to forget the nu zhu jiao of the day haha:

chat wit him online for awhile..but he seems busy.. or maybe cold towards mi ba.. haiz..

anyway i wanna watch DEUCE BIAGLOW.. xiao han on ah?? lol

With Love, 11:49 PM

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