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Wednesday, August 31, 2005'♥

Im Happy today.. initially not..after a series of event.. im back to my normal self again le.hehe

Was waiting for the bus in the morning..when one auntie approached me..and keep asking mi to buy tissue for her.. initially i said dun wan de.. but in the end i see her like veri ke lian..so i bought from her.. so now i got supplies of tissue le..

A busy day..coz its end of the month..so many account closing...so many forms to stamp..tink i will have muscle if i continued stamping the high volume of forms for a month..hehehe..Chitra is troubled over the cheque matter the whole day.. haiz.. poor ger.. reulted we did OT coz today was super busy.. nv went for my running oso..hmph...

Sandy called mi...and told mi tat my fox pay slip is here.. i was so surprised coz i tot i took all my pay liao.. and its hundred plus..wooo so shiok haha.. finally got some money le.. went down to pick up my cheque from Bestina.. the whole place was like a grabage center.. bought a visor its onli 4.50 wow..so cute man.. today last day of sales le..

Happy dat Choo lie finally got the job at DBS.. its going to be a place full of ITE Bishan and EVSS students hahah.. heard from her tat i intro her in will get some rewards?? ahha i didnt know tat too .. i helped her out of goodwill.. now trying to recommend Shu fen for this job too..hopefully they still need ppl ba...

Syahida returned mi the money she owed mi.. one dollar?? when i most needed money now..haha the same amt i spent on the tissue.. wad goes ard comes ard.. looking forward for the siru's chalet on friday.. going to see my beloved bao bei soon.. and we will be discussing abt our GENTING TRIP...yesh after so long we are realli going le..will be going after her exams.. tink two weeks time ba..Ngee Ann normally slower de hahaha.. yeah..

Decided to get a anklet or pendant for my god daughter Charlotte.. i meant it hor she's realli my god daughter hehe..so tat next time when im single got a yi kao..bullshit lor..hahahhaha she is everyone's god daughter.. hopefully shao mei will be going wit mi ba..

This weekend will be veri busy ba.. mummy going thailand tmr..haiz.. enjoy ba.. ive oredi write down my wishlist for her le..hehe.. so lonely without mummy..hopefully daddy and mi will not quarrel.. sianz ah next week whole week in tamp...arggggghhh the graveyard.. coz of the IRAS submission.. will be super busy too..the onli comforting things is tat im getting my pay next week.. wooo hooooooooooo... i can onli choose to rebond my hair or buy the guess watch.. which one shld i choose???

Cant get enough of u at the moment....

With Love, 10:15 PM

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