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Thursday, August 18, 2005'♥

I have officially graduated.. As i walked down to the stage.. i knew tat i have grown up.. and tat i must continue to move on...one day i will be at the stage collecting my diploma cert..

Took lots of photos..but needed to borrowed the cardd reader from selyn then can upload.. happy to see all of my frens.. some of them more prettier while some of them look more yaya..saw alot of old schoolmates..btw the reception sux.. the food not alot of variety lor...chatted wit Michelle GOH..and Dr Ricky Tam Prinicpal of ITE CENTRAL COLLEGE..they are veri friendly..and asked abt my job scope now and do i inted to furthere studies..i tink they will be there on the COM ceremony ba.. ya one more to go..its on OCT hopefully im able to apply off again..

After the ceremony i did not went out wit RAS they all.. decided to went home and rest awhile.. then packed my clothes for fri trip.. i need to have a break le...too tired everyday...

If you care..you will bother...

With Love, 5:52 PM

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