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Tuesday, August 09, 2005'♥

Happy National Day Singapore!!!!... yeah.. time now is 2.30am.. just reached home and i wanted to start blooging le.. ah zhen called mi and she is in the labour ward le.. her baby is coming out any sooner.. congrats to steph sister silvia.. gave birth to a baby boy wor.. i tink at 12 ba..wooohoo.. so happy for them wor.. ah zhen jia you, push push push..

My cousin and i had an karaoke session wit the taxi driver hahaha the radio is playing oldies...and so happen we knew all the songs..so we sang along..Lame rite.. Fisherman village is veri fun..the food there cheap as well as the beer.. we bought Heniken 6 for $30 buckz wor.. so cheap...while listening to the songs.. i cannot tahan anymore and called him.. but too bad he's sleepign and my background is so noisy so i cant hear exactly wad he say..anyway im still waiting for the reply of the friendster message...

I felt veri tired now.. orite orite gonna zzz liao..hope i can have a good dreams... countdown 10 more days to freedom...wooo hooo... i love them all...

With Love, 2:05 AM

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