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Monday, August 08, 2005'♥

Realise tat i have been blogging daily now.. tink if i nv blogged out all my feelings i will go crazy soon de...

Bad news: I bought a cake.. for popo to eat from Bengawan Solo.. When i stepped into the house my mum asked mi whether is it we are no longer together.. wad a qn to ask..when u just got home.. i told her the truth and she asked mi not to hate him.. hate him?? no la..hating a person requires alot of energy and emotion.. and currently i have no time for tat.. she say she understand how he feels.. hopefully tats the real reason ba.. popo still did not know the truth yet.. she made some popiah asked mi to bring some for him.. if u wld have see my face just now.. i laugh until so FAKE tat i tink my foundation will crack...tink cindy and wawa u all have kou fu le ba...tmr bring the popiah for u guys ba.. no choice if not later she sure know i broke off wit him le.. dun wan popo to know so soon...coz she sure will feel disappointed de//

Started my first day in Dbs Tampines.. more security but the office is onli one fifth of chai chee lor.. My job is totally different from wad i have in chai chee.. my dept is incharge of all those passbook tat is stuck in the updating machine.. i need to key the data in and then send back to customers.. interesting lor..but then coz its monday so there is a lot of passbook from the weekends lor.. haha do until i mad..nearly did OT..so next time ur passbook kanna stuck in the machine..i will know de hahah.. There are not much colleagues of my age de.. disappointing lei.. and most of them are malays..so i went lunch alone.. saw shao mei so we decided to eat lunch everyday le..yeah..she wking at CPF builiding..i missed my khakis for lunch at Chai chee.. and bennie too... selyn started her job at DBS today too..hope she enjoys it ba.. haha we are the DBS GANG..

My mood for today slightly better le ba.. except tat i scare i cant control myself and msged him.. tried to do alot of stuffs to keep myself busy.. later going to mit some of my frens for a drink at Fisherman Village.. my fren are the most happiest ppl when i broke up wit my bf coz they finally got to mit mi le.. after a long period..always say i pang seh wan lor.. which is not the truth.. tmr is national day le..happy bd SIngapore!!!! going to mit my coussiiiieee for the LONELY POWERPUFF OUTING.. even though we are single we can oso be HAPPY de rite?? except for an extra one who now is in LOVE>> she better dun do so if not mi and cindy will kick her ass lor.. hahahaha...

GOOD NEWS: My god daughter is coming to this world tmr le..yeah..at National Day wor.. zhen called mi today and told mi tat her doctor told her tat she got high blood pressure.. *EAT and slp like a PIG SOMEMORE LA* so the baby need to come out if later than that the baby might have danger.. felt so happy for her.. although Raymond is not a perfect husband but at least he nv shrink his reponsibilities.. one pt for him ba.. haha..gonna visit baby charlotte on wed.. God i pray tat zhen can gib birth smoothly...that both of them will be safe... hehe..

Got a letter from ITE..Selyn u going for the COM CEREMONY?? if going got to go for a briefing at Sep..how how..and guess wad the GOH is The MINISTRY OF EDUCATIOn..hahah lets complain to him on tat day ba..muahah.. going anot tell mi hor.. coz need to reply de..

K la.. im gonna to go and enjoy my life.. the most impt pt in life is to be HAPPY?? no more crying le shirley....

With Love, 7:10 PM

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