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Monday, August 08, 2005'♥

Just came back after a long day.. was in Indoor Stadium the whole day from morning until now.. was super tired.. wanted to sleep but i cant..

The moment i switched on the light of my room.. i saw tat my com table is placed wit all the photo of mi and him together.. i kept it and my mum took out today when she was tidying the table again ba.. i tot tat i can str away go and slp after a tiring day.. but looks like now i have to keep all the photos again...one of these days im going to tell my mum tat he and I are through.. dunno how to tell her..coz she sure veri disappointed de.. haiz..wad to do tat the truth...

I tried all sorts of way to distract myself from thinking abt him today..I told myself if he wished to salvage this relationship..if he still got tat little feelings for mi he would have called mi or msged mi..i checked my phone now and then but it didnt ring at all.. until now it still de same.. im here crying my hearts now..does he ever know?? does he ever care?? suan le.. maybe this is oso good for mi ba.. so tat i wld not pin any hopes tat he might still care for mi...maybe i shld realli get on wit my life from now on...

Service was good..and i wept during the worship session.. Felt happier after tat.. Humans might not be always there for mi..but God is always there for mi.. Amen.. went to FOP after tat.. had a good time there..except tat i was super tired le.. coz there was a long queue befoer going in.. imagine queing 5 hrs in the sun?? haiz..

I saw him in msn... his nick still put juju..he might have forgotten to change it.. wanted so much to talk to him..... but i guess he would find mi irritating ba.... im looking so much like a panda..due to lack of sleep and oso of excessive crying.. my eyes are so puffy.. tat i realise i dun look great at all now.. haiz tmr going for the first day of work at DBS TAM.. hope tat i wont look tat bad ba..got to go and slp liao le...

Tks for the encouragement tat all my frens gave.. i wld not go back to smoking de la..dun worry.. anyway Fabian im not so strong as u tink i am.. tks for calling up mi.. hope u find a new job soon...

Been repeating the song Tian Kong by Jolin.. its so nice.. yet veri sad..

With Love, 12:06 AM

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