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Wednesday, August 24, 2005'♥

A busy day for mi.. There are so much things for mi to clear today.. tat i kept walking ard the office.. good good walk more can slim down..haha i saw "him" in the office..and i was shocked.. he oso transferred here today ah?? lolz.. but too bad he didnt saw mi...when im at Chai Chee im so happy.. and from now on every tue and wed i will be back there.. haha like my second home lor.. we even shared money to buy TOTO .. our destination is to go DISNEY LAND wor..hahaha...going back to tam tmr liao sianz...

After work nv go anywhere..so i just went home.. no money and im oso veri tired lor.. Kelvin called mi out but i dun wan... and he sounded so disappointed..

Tmr will be miting the FRYING PAN for dinner at BUGIS.. tink we wld be going to the CAN CAFE ba.. will update u guys on the trip ba.. life is so stressful tat we need to take time out and relax...

While i am working today.. i kept tinking of a matter.. y do humans change their emotions and feelings so fast?? im still tinking.....

With Love, 10:23 PM

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