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Thursday, July 28, 2005'♥

yoo hooo time to update my blog le... well so far things have been ok la..

Went out wit my beloved DODO yst.. we went to KBOX and sang for onli 3 hrs..its not enough de..coz we both always fight for songs...hehe anyway the tidbits at CINE was veri good..coz got the types we liked alot..hehe..then after the ktv session we decided to have dinner instead of watching movies.. so we tink and tink in the end i suggested going to suntec to eat my fave steamboat buffet..

Its 38 buckz for two..i tink the price is quite reasonable..then we started to chiong for our fodd le..Mr dodo keep eating the chicken rice.. finally found a khaki liao..coz last time i went selyn always scold mi for eating tat..haha then the waiter told us tat they had given us a pot of laksa soup as a complimentary offer.. free de wor coz they are trying out the soup.. so in the end we had three pots of soup man..and the laksa one is super yummy wor... in between got someting funni happen..haha onli mi and dodo will know.,, i tink i have zi bi zheng..keep talking to prawns hahaha.. anyway we both were super full lor.. realli lor.. coz there is too much variety le.. loved the custard baked bread..it so yummy... then its home sweet home le.. started to miss dodo the moment i went on to the bus.. hope we can mit soon ba...

Today is my first day of work..but i went to Chai Chee branch for training.. coz there not enought ppl.. Suppose to report to Geok Poh.. but she is late..so i just sat down tere..the whole office is soooooooo biggggg..then when she came she briefly brief mi and Alicia is the one incharge of giving mi work.. did nothing much today..except sorting of mails.. receiving registered mails.. printing of bank receipts..data entry all these.. time passes realli veri veri fast..maybe its becoz its veri fast pace there ba.. but i like the environment there.. ppl there are fine.. no politics.. and guess wad i saw Selyn's classmate Darina there..she working wit mi somemore just beside mi hahaha..and oso saw Bennie my sec sch frens..she is diff dept..and heard from her SUet Lay is at the fifth level..wowo so conincidence.. anyway Geok Poh say if i would like i can stay here..and she sent the newcomer to Tampines de.. hmmm still tinking whether shld i stay..if go tamp i have to start all over again..know new ppl..somemore dunno got ppl i know de ma.. see how ba..

went tamp mall awhile after work..coz my colleague Yi Hung said she wanted to wrk part time so i intro her to wrk at FOX KIDS..hope she can get it ba,,,too bad Agnes is not there ..she got a meeting today.. will be popping by on sat to look for her..miss her so much wor.. orite my eyes are closing..one more day to weekend..wooo hoooo

With Love, 11:01 PM

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