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Sunday, July 17, 2005'♥

WOOOOO.. Im super tired now.. first time left the shop without finished folding all the clothes u can imagine how much it is.. practically the whole shop is in a MESS!!!!.. reason?? becoz there are too much OCTOPUS.. haiz.. the aunties searched through the whole shop..just for four pieces so as to be able to get 50% discount.. haiz..

Im so angry wit ma ma in the morning.. she promised mi to buy my breakfast for mi.. i waited and waited until im going downstairs to work le.. then she came to mi...im so pissed off lor.. resulted i ate my lunch at 5... then she like so sad oso.. i nv talked to her and walked away..even when my auntie called mi i oso heck care her.. so attitude rite.. i cried in the bus.. dunno why..tink im too stress le ba,,these few days..didnt have enough slp too.. i looked at my mum when she walked away from the bus stop..how old she have became.. my heart suddenly felt so bad.. felt like alighting from the bus and hugged her tell her im sorry..but its ok now..just now when i came home..she woke up and apologised to mi..and of coz i apologised to her too... anyway my popo is here back in my house..which means more GOOD STUFF to eat le.. going to asked her to cooked YONG TAU FOO...hehe..

Uncle Sam talked to mi.. at first tot it was supposed to be veri long.. anyway everything is fine now.. hope nothing bad will happen again ba.. haiz some ppl when they are guilty..their face shows everything...

Guess wad?? It's my turn for forgetting to bring my wallet today.. trust mi to laugh at Xiao han tat day..been so forgetful recently..first it was hp and now wallet..maybe next time is mi myself..haha Laugh BA..its so LAME rite..lolz.. borrowed money from selyn and agnes.. hehe.. ate pasar malam stuff.. loved the siew mai alot man.. and oso my candy floss.. i was so happy when i finally bought it..been eyeing for tat for days man.. the next target is the cake from BENGAWAN SOLO..the chocolate gateau..woooooo..im going to buy it..and treat my popo too.. as if..how i wish i can eat the whole cake man..oopz..secrets out..haha..

k la..going to have another long day tmr..anyone wants to work at FOX KIDS TAMP?? part time position.. pls tell mi wor..

With Love, 11:59 PM

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