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Friday, July 01, 2005'♥

woo..nice to have a hot bath man..lolz.. Just came back home.. supposed to be back home earlier..but coz of SOME CIRCUMSTANCES.. haha i waited for our dear Selyn to finish her closing.. tmr there will be VIP visiting our shop so they need to make the shop look neater..haiz..no use de lar..once the auntie gang came..there goes their effort haha.. went back to shop so as to ask my dear Selyn to help mi scan my neo print card i took wit dar just now.. hehe love it alot.. got motive lor..lol...no la i miss her la hehe...helped abit wit the closing.. and then we went home together wit BRENT..anyway its PAY DAY tmr!!!!...its the day ive been waiting for....yeah..tks BRENT for helping mi to bank in the money tmr.. actually also a few ppl he helping hehe..

Today is my off day.. so as usual went out wit monster.. one week onli one time lor..so its veri precious de..hehe.. bought for him TWO T-shirt from FOX..and i hope he like it..size just nice ba..hehe.. met him at Clementi..supponsingly at 3.30..but i forgot and tot its 3.00pm..haha first time i so early lei..tink i missed monster too much liao..so BLUR man..then we took the train to ORCHARD..first stop: SOMERSET.. went to find ah zhen..mainly to see her stomach..but she was not there.. called her and she's in the toilet.. haha waited for awhile.. then chatted wit her lor..at first i see her i was abit shocked..she was so fat rite now.. her nose is so swollen tat i almost cant recognise her.. haiz.. but nvm one more month and the baby will be out le.. hehe.. she now not living wit ah zhu they all liao..coz she quarrel wit the stupid ah leng.. then they moved to Raymond's grandma house.. duhz..can imagine..6 ppl squeeze one room?? somemore my dear ah Zhen who is pregnant have to sleep on the floor?? heard liao i was so angry lor..cant raymond's brother gave up his stupid bed.. tats so idiotic.. she got such a big stomach yet they treated her like tat.. hope next month the person renting the room go liao..they will have a room for themselves..and tat stupid raymond see his wife so xin ku..no feelings wan ah??? stupid lor..

After visiting zhen we went to Cineleisure to take neoprint card...woo veri nice wor.. will upload it sometime later..when tat someone did her job haha.. after tat we went LIDO to buy tix for INITIAL D.. the show nt bad..veri funni lor.. love jay chou man..so cute de.. tink there is gonna be part two lor..the ending so arrupt.. and for those who watched it le..got see the word "MONSTER" on the EVO 7?? haha my monster is the spokesman for tat car...lolz..im dreaming lolz.. Everywhere is like having sales..so tempting lor..saw a nice bag at Ripcurl..tink i wan to get it man.. Mango is the best lor..the whole place was so packed and so messy..poor salesger working there..i can understand their pain..haha.. Went Topshop to get the $20 voucher for Mabel's bd tmr.. it has a nice and cute envelope... and after tat its DINNER TIME!!!..

Went to Seoul Garden for dinner..supposingly to treat dear..but due to the voucher i got no enough money haha so in the end he had to fork out some of it..hehe..bu hao yi si.. ate until so full..even up till now im still so bloated..dunno y oso..didnt eat alot ma.. haha maybe becoz of the medicine.. poor dar keep getting tricked by mi..and his bowl always full full de.. and he oso eat until become so gong gong..stoned down there dunnno for how long hahaha.. cherish the time tat im wit him..even if its onli for a few hours.. coz we one week onli mit each other once.. provided i off on a good day lor..haha

Witch msged everyone thank u..coz our store hit the sales target and we got commission wor..yippeee... die liao.now wan her transfer oso more difficult liao...anyway i was quite pissed off wit a guy just now.. he msged mi in msn..this is wad he msged mi...

Him: Eh y u friendster ur status put as married??

Me: Does it matter to u what status i put??

Him: No la, i was tinking u just grad from ITE then now married liao.unless something happen lor...

Me: (with a super pissed off attitude)..Ive been putting tat status dunno for how many donkey years liao.. pls be more observant lor.. and it doesn't matter to u rite..even if im married??

Him: Oic..u put tat so as to scare away all the buayas??

Me: YESH... be it or not.. its none of ur business...srry i gtg enjoy browsing thur other ppl friendster account ba...(blocked him str away)

I hate guys who are so SUPER KAYPO one lor.. everything oso want to ask..its so wimpy.. its not as if im veri shou to him lor.. he is onli someone i know from a forum..always came to talk to mi on msn.. at the wrong time..and most importantly ASK SO MANY IRRELEVANT QNS.. arggghhhhh

chatted wit dear for awhile.. he is super power lor.. still can go slp when feeling so bloated... and he shitted out all the stuff liao..im still here struggling.. arggghhhh i need a cup of LIME JUICE.. burpz..missing dar oredi.. keep browsing my hp at the pictures we took just now... another few days before i can see him again..

With Love, 12:01 AM

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