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Wednesday, July 13, 2005'♥

will be changing my blog add soon due to SPIES haiz.. no freedom of speech man.. wad to do..

Will be miting cindy and wawa tmr evening for dinner..and im so bloody excited..its been long since we met up..so confirm will have loads of pics...cheers to COUSINSHIP... we might be busy but lets update each other with wad is happening ard us ba..

MOST IMPORTANTLY.. BEN BEN our little cousin.. cindy's bro is ATTACHED.. i was so bloody shocked when i heard it.. kids nowadays..haha we are all so surprised and now watching over him..dun wan him to repeat our footstep..so now how i felt when my mum keep nagging at mi in the past le.. JIANG HAI SHI LAO DE LA..wooohoo..

Mi and Monster is ok liao.. srry to frighten some of you when u called mi up yst nite.. i will continue to love him..

Going to do my puzzle le.. and tmr still got second part of the course..hopefully i can score better..today score 90 marks nia... but as long as higher than THE """""" side ppl im happy liao..

Must be careful wit everything i typed..coz SPIES are everywhere.. who knows they might hacked my password:??

With Love, 11:13 PM

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