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Friday, July 15, 2005'♥


Hehe finally managed to mit my dearest cousins yst nite.. but im abit sorry tat im late la..hehe mainly coz my course finished late and i forgot to bring my hp out lo..so in the end went home to get it..hehe..bu hao yi si wor..then who knows i took the Express Bus 512 but its not express at all..coz got jam at PIE..hehe..

Reached NYDC ard 8pm..haiz so late.. then we proceed to order from the menu..we were all so hungry lor..so in then end decided to order the potato salad..woo so shiok man...Of coz not to mention we took alot of pics lor..hehe.. then we ended our dinner wit an OREO MUDPIE..yummy..its oredi 9plus le..initially wanted to go MOMO but then they say they have no bus later to go home..coz today wawa still need to work..tooobad le.. then we went PARAGON actually wantedd to bring them to the 5 LEVEL KIDS PARADISE..but its closed le.. everyone feels like going to a place to listen to music.. so we decided to go MU..oopz.. coz last time its LADIES NITE ON THUR>.we reached there liao..but no ppl..and no one have the courage to go and asked...haiz..we were LAME la.. so we just took pics inside the shopping mall lor..shall upload it when wawa sent me...

Accompanied them to wait for their bus..while i took MRT to ORchard and waited for SELYN to finish work..coz she was relieving in WISMA OUTLET yst for one day.. waited for her half an hour wor.. then we took train back to tampines..along the way chatted alot..of coz we were constantly on the lookout for spies hahah...no la.. im mad

Reached home and i went to open up ma letterbox...received my statement of results...and my keyboarding certificate..and a reply slip to attend to the grad ceremony held on AUG 16 tot it would be at the SIMEI ITE..kns its at ITE TAMPINES LOR>>Aisha they all keep asking mi to go.. so i reply yes..but in the end going anot still dunno lor.. im so tired these few days..not enough slp.. seems tat there isnt enough time for mi to do my stuff...they are:

# to read my harry potter book..i still left abit..coz the new series is coming out tmr..yipeee...

# to finish my puzzle..im onli finish the PIGLET PART...

# to go trim my eyebrow...

# to go shoppping..so long liao i nv go and shop lor..when will i have the chance man..hehe...

Supposingly to go monster's house accompanied him study de..but i woke up late le.. srry wor.. now i still feel sleepy lor..hais..going later for the service..coz tmr not going ma.. sianz.. go alone..lonely man..soemmore until 10 plus then finish...duh.//

With Love, 2:57 PM

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