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Monday, July 25, 2005'♥

Today is my last day of work le.. feeling abit sad.. im leaving there after two months of work.. during these period there are good and bad times.. but when i transferred to KIDS it have always been good times...becoz of a good supervisor i got tat is AGNES.. She always makes mi laugh.. even though her face might look fierce.. She even gave mi a watch yst.. i appreciate every little things she done.. she bought mi harsh brown in the morning..tinking i might be hungry when i nv take breakfast..when i saw a little boi eating fries so delicious..she went to buy for mi..so touched rite???

We are like a small family working there..yst is Sandy's bd...and i suggested buying her a slice of cake from Four Leaves...(paiseh we are all broke le) haha and we celebrated it for her.. If it were'nt for the irregular hours i would have stayed...but nvm everything will have to part in the end.. im happy tat ive gain valuable experience here...and i will surely missed them de... Selyn remember to jia you wor...

Talked abt yst ba.. the whole place is in a mess.... and my nose is flowing non-stop at first go work abit attitude.. coz its like so many octopus.. guess by now those who read my blog can imagine it le ba.. haha then its onli after agnes came then my mood better le.. so fast rite.. Sandy at first tot tat i quarrel wit dodo..diaoz.. i was so blur tat i actually forgot to pack a stuff tat customer purchase into her bag.. not once but twice.. duhz.. bu hao yi si lei.. coz the surrounding too much clothes le..dunnno which one they want which one they dun wan..ask them check then they oso keep talking not interested diaoz... wadever lor..

TzE Hwa came and looked for mi got motive de lor.. to buy his formal pants from G2000 and Agnes lent her the VIP card..so total got 45% wor..haha.. must thank mi wor..anyway he is from my church de... My Gloria Jean's manager can say so la.. haha he keep bickering wit mi de.. until i sat so fed up man..keep calling mi ah moi ah moi..same as Agnes de.. but it was fun la.. working wit him on Sat coz Fidelia is not there.. oh ya so sad we suspected she got dengue fever..must pray for her le..

All right all right.. today worked morning..i hope no extra duties last min.. coz i realli want to come home for dinner..i missed gran's cooked food.. so yummy.. i missed interacting wit my parents and oso my bubu weisi..oh ya i just bought her a tube from KIDS..hehe so happy wor...hope she can fit into it tonite...lolz shall take a pic of her wearing it...ssexxxxyyyy

With Love, 8:26 AM

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