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Thursday, July 14, 2005'♥

Some ppl are just too free... they like to browse ppl's blog and comment on ppl saying they are tooo free to write abt ppl..dunno who in the first place is the one who is DAMN FREE..

Come on..this is my blog i liked to blog what i tink and felt.. somemore i nv show their pics online rite.. go and do a search in yahoo..how many ppl blogged abt bad things tat happen in their workplace..OH MAN, PLS GET A LIFE!!!!!... nothing to do rite.. go and bathe ur DOGS LA>>

They do not know i install SITE TRAFFIC..which is able to track down who are the ones who logged in to my blog.. DUN think onli u ALL GOT SPIES i oso got de lor...muahhahaa..oh well..until u know who am i referring too..then come down and warned mi k..

GTG.. dun wanna waste time blogging on simple minded..childish behaviour ppl..and worst of all.. SUPER BO LIAO ppl...

With Love, 7:15 AM

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