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Sunday, July 17, 2005'♥

So fast and its the end of a week oredi.. had a busy week.. and oso a stressful one..

Work, relationship, church is giving mi a hard time.. its like all of them are fighting for mi..but i onli can choose one of them.. finally i made the decision.. tks to CINDY being my listening ears..i appreciate it man...tupperware ah sao hehe

I just got back from the banquet cum concert wit monster.. not tat bad..its a seven course dinner..the food was ok except for the stupid fish..where both of us got a hard time cutting the gong gong fish.. there's ah du, zhou chuan xiong and alex toh.. but the managment is veri gong gong..they served finish the dinner then started all the singing.. dioaz.. alot of ppl went off lor.. anyway monster and mi stayed thru.. haha..got some happy moments there i shall not mention lolz..

Im realli veri tired..i hope tat i will have an off day staying at home..eating all the junk food..cakes..ice cream..durian.. and be a couch potato for just one day... and relax.. haha... hope it wont come..if not i will surely regret it man..lolz..

o well im talking rubbish for now.. eyes closing le.. take care everyone.. and tink tmr my shop will be filled wit kids and parents ba.. sales is super good these few days wor.. and im so busy tat i didnt even have time for toilet man.. sad..

With Love, 12:09 AM

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