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Tuesday, July 12, 2005'♥

OuR ThREE mONths aNNiverSaRY TOday.. I tink monster might have forgotten abt it.. cause he has poor memory while i have a good memory.... God is interesting He put ppl of different character together..

I dun understand y.. its so happen tat..every month when its on our anniverssary we sure wont get to mit each other de.. and sure something will happen.. tat made mi cried.. its too conincidence le ba..

I saw his msn nick.. and i was like feeling veri bad.. i began to wonder..am i too demanding le?? do i realli know what i want?? things often happen for a reason..but i dun seemed to find the reason..

Not a great day for mi... firstly.. i was working with a gossiper.. since morning till night im stuck wit her... i was super sleepy.. and felt giddy the whole day.. but wanna tk her for buying mi a coffee later in the night.. i felt better after tat...

Dexun came and look for mi during lunch.. today he took mc.. and he went to donate his palsma before he came.. he didnt even told mi.. and was standing rite outside my shop.. he smsed mi..but i cant see him..so i continue reading my notes for tmr course.. it was onli after awhile then i noticed him.. the nurse poked wrongly his veins i tink and his arm are bandaged.. haha.. then we went food court for lunch.. since it was still early so we went to the nearby pasar malam to walk walk.. saw alot of puzzles wit nice pictures and it was 3 for $5.00..so qiao saw the ger from G2000 so we shared it and i bought two of it.. hope tat i can finish it soon.. when i was looking thru the puzzles.. i suddenly missed monster.. coz tat time we oso went and looked at puzzle.. too much memories le..

Going for the course for two days.. hope tat i will not failed ba.. Aud asked mi to go ZOUK tmr nite.. im still considering..

With Love, 11:05 PM

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