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Friday, July 22, 2005'♥

A new day a new start... a week just passed by.. been a busy week for mi..coz i was busy working..but anyway i took half day off yst.. realise i cant take it anymore.. im realli realli veri tired....

Didnt went anywhere but str home.. took some porridge and i slept all the way till 7pm.. then i watched tv all the way to 12 and read my Harry Potter till 1am.. tot of toking to monster..but too bad he is studying for his test today..so i decided not to disturb him...

Kept tossing and turning on the bed.. probably becoz of the coffee i took earlier.. i cant sleep.. i tot of a lot of things that happen in my life rite now..some good and some bad.. feeling kinda of stress... daddy and mummy might be going Bangkok next month.. wit my uncle.. they just dun wan to bring mi...so sad..anyway it was boring to shop wit them to.. unless one more person accompany.. anyone wants to go?? ard 300 plus...tot of asking cindy go..but tink she got studies so cant go..anyway i shall stuck at home wit my maggie mee ba...

I might be going back to Batam in a few week's time..i missed my cousin sooooo much.. and we are going to celebrate Mi jie's bd in Ktv..hopefully the same thing does not happen again.. and Cindy and her fren Jean was tinking of going Hong Kong at their term break.. i tink i might be joining them..wawa on Boh?? Let's save money together ba hehe..

There's cg today...its been a week since i saw them.. and i guessed Ban Chuan will sure talk to mi..abt tat incident last week..im prepared for it man.. anyway i tink its time to confess abt him...wish mi luck ba..

Its just a simple girl living in a simple world leading a simple life....

With Love, 8:55 AM

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