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Wednesday, July 06, 2005'♥

My dodo just called mi..he had a sore throat due to eating too much BROWNIES!!!! and now guess wad when he was talking to mi... HE WAS STILL EATING ONE!!! Oh man.. dear mr monster pls stop urself for going to the bakery of NP...STOP!!! hahaha must try tat one day..is it tat nice?? lolz..

Well I enjoy myself at Jennifer's chalet.. with David and Lena.. shall update on the details tonite.. currently fighting the SLEEPY MONSTER.. coz i onli have five hours of slp hehe.. and the great thing is IM WORKING FULL SHIFT TODAY!!! oh how great and wonderful it is.. orite..got to get going.. see ya guys tonite..

PS: Lena upload the pics lei.. then i can steal from there hahahaha..

With Love, 9:23 AM

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