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Wednesday, July 20, 2005'♥

Im woken up by my auntie... sianz..early in the morning when im trying to catch my beauty's sleep she woke mi up just to read a letter diaoz.. her HDB letter.. no choice..and now i cant sleep anymore...

I bought a cake from Bengawan Solo yst.. treated everyone in Kids and oso Selyn..reason?? i oso dunno..maybe becoz im leaving there le ba.. yupz i have signed the secrecy form and i will start working at DBS on next Thur..hopefully it will be a better job ba..

Went to mit my cousin in the afternoon when she is having lunch..we went to the suntec porridge buffet... didnt know tat eating porridge and all those side dishes will be so full de.. anyway its nice and i would recommend everyone and its 10 buckz per person..and now i declared im broke..have to wait until next week for my pay liao..hehe..

Yst i did cashier for a few hours..and guess wad in the end shortage 10 dollars...dunno its mi anot..haiz..tink will have to pay ba.. sian not a good thing lor.. feel so demoralised.. anyway lucky agnes nv scold mi... poor selyn she oso shortage in her NETS.. its 57 dollars.. i understand how heart pain she is man.. ger lets jia you together and be more careful ba..dun help those ppl pay for their purchase k... anyway hope tat she and Nelson will be like last time so loving.. things have not been great for them.. i tink its becoz she is too tired le ba.. cheer up k...

My family will be having braised pig's leg today..lucky im working lor.. eeee i hate the smell... im gonna go work soon.. .just to escape man...going to read my harry potter le..jia you jia you...hehe

With Love, 10:28 AM

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