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Sunday, July 31, 2005'♥

Had a busy day today.. just reached home not long ago..ard 1plus ba..did not ask monster to wait for him tink he will be veri tired le..so asked him to slp first.. afterall he's working tmr morning...

Today service was great.. Rev Mike Connell from New Zealand came..and he prayed for deliverance for alot of ppl..the whole atmosphere was so tense.. screamings and shouts everywhere..ppl crying and ppl vomiting..for those of u who did not went for a deliverance service before u all shld go for one.. its an eyeopener..seeing how ppl are being set free from demons and spirits...the last time i went is four years ago.. still remember tat time i was so afraid when i first saw it.. but anyway thank GOD tat alot of ppl are set free... service ended late today.. and for i stayed back to serve Gloria Jeans.. Tze Hea was like my opposite keep bickering wit mi.. going to slap him soon.. actaully say wanted to treat us supper coz so late in the end alot of us dropped dead in the taxi hahahaha..

Wanna wished Jerry and xiao wei happy bd wor.. today is their bd..so i took some time off my ministry and celebrated for them... hope tat both of them enjoy this special day of theirs...Next week service will be at indoor stadium.. wooo sooo fast.. and its church anniversary..and ive been in church for five years liao..time realli pass by veri fast man.. and im so excited abt the festival of praise next week..hillsongs and delirious will be coming down wooo..who want to go indoor?? its open to all non believers and belivers..dun worry wont convert u guys de la..most importantly is to see hillsongs rite?? hehe hope tat cindy will go too..

I pray tat MON wont come sooooo soon...

With Love, 1:25 AM

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