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Wednesday, July 06, 2005'♥

Finally endure tru the FULL SHIFT in FOXKIDS le.. haha actually nothing happen lo.. working there is certainly more PEACEFUL than in ADULTS.. sales was not tat good.. $1500 plus hehe.. today hor got one ang moh baby is so cute wor..eyes big big de.. feel like pinching her cheeks.. she was holding my hands and dun wanna let go lor..hahaha..

Well i shall update abt de chalet yst.. David went to fetch Lena first coz she lived at HOUGANG..well throughout the whole thing i was like a Lampost btw them...lolz.. then he came and pick mi up..ppl got car liao ma..lolz.. we decided to go tam mall to get the present for Jennifer..after much consideration Lena and I decided to go MISHA to buy her facial products..end up is we two shop for our own cosmetic products..hahah Got free gifts from the sales ger..coz we bought a lot of things wor..Its onli 10 plus then we reach the chalet wor..so late hehe..we were lost due to Mr David no sense of direction haha..

Was greeted by Jennifer when we reached there..she looked so sweet and i love her eyelashes so nice man.. wished her happy bd..and guess wad we saw "Marcus" over there.. diaoz a secret btw mi and Lena.. hahaha it was so funni..lucky he dun recognise mi..if not die liao.. then we asked Jennifer's to let us see her brother Collin..often chat wit him in msn de..he was veri funni one..at first shy shy in the end talk alot..he got a fren i forgot who lor.. talk alot one la..but veri humourous.. the whole place was packed wit so many ppl..then Collin bring a glass of red wine and passed to mi..then i was like..duhz..for wad..."Drink la..then.." so i drank one glass nia.(realli hor monster i nv drink alot hehe) then he passed mi another cocktaill..with a suspicious look..and i drank without knowing he mixed it wit Vodka Orange..so on and off he passed mi alcoholic drink tinking i dunno hahaha..

The buffet was nice.. and we all sat down and chat.. not long after David's fren came..the whole place was like got connection one lor..suddenly u wil see someone u know there.. I saw Winnie there.. she was Wang's fren last time went out wit her one time before.. ahha i was like y she keep looking at mi de..then she told mi tat she knew mi..lolz wad a small world.. we chatted and chatted then Collin start to bbq again..so mi and Lena helped out oso.. hanging out wit them makes mi feel that im old lor.. ahhaha die liao.. wanted to go home early..but Mr David wanted to wait for his fren..so mi and Lena went to the chalet and took pictures.. time passed veri fast..and its 12.40...nagged at Uncle David..finally he tired liao and say wanted to go home oso..luckily managed to sneak home without letting Collin knew abt it.. he said i die die cant go home de yst.. haha...I liked the kid tat Jennifer's is babysitting, he is so cute..the way he ans was like so clever..below was a diagloue:

Me: Boi boi u call mi i gif u sweet ok??

Boi Boi: dun lie lor.. AuNTIE

Me: I gif u chocolate if u call mi Jie Jie..ok deal??

Boi Boi: Dun wan lor Auntie.. Chocolate eat oredi will have constipation...

I was like diaoz.. y he so cute de hahah..

These past few days i keep having ppl coming up to mi..say " hey ur shirley rite..u still rem mi?" diaoz.. first it was my ex pri sch classmates from Zhangde..Jing min, Ru Hui and another dunno wad name.. i was so happy to see them lor..for the whole 11 years i nv see them liao..missed the times im wit them.. then when i went guardian today..got one malay ger say she know mi too..she was from Qiaonan...duhz.. then another guy on the street tells mi tat.. duhz.. didnt know i know so much ppl lei..haha so must yaya abit..

Anyway who got admin job lobang ma?? must intro mi..got one HR assistant position calling mi.. i hope i can get the job wor...Anyway i accompanied hui min today for lunch.. tink its the last time le ba..coz she is leaving on Sun..haiz.. its all tat witch fault.. guess wad im transferred to KIDS permanently.. for better or for the worst?? we shall find out soon le...

With Love, 11:06 PM

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