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Sunday, July 31, 2005'♥

A few hours more and its mon...argggghhh i got SERIOUS MONDAY BLUES>>>>>>>

It's been long since i stayed at home on Sunday, normally i would be out there busy serving customers.. felt so good at home today..slept until 12 pm watch abit of tv..then im off to my adventures wit HARRY POTTER.. wooo.. kept reading and reading.. even until now..

One of the benefits of a five day job.. is u got ur weekends to relac..for mi sat is surely not a day to relac..so sunday is my one and onli precious day now..hehe.. chatted wit dodo on the phone when he finished work just now.. so good of him to even ta pao for his brother who is at home.. nice brotherhood man.. hehe.. all the best to him for his interview tmr.. for his part time job..know tat he's been tryin veri hard to earn some fees for his driving lesson.. poor dear...

This week is going to be quite busy for mi.. tue booked by Jessie for dinner at Orchard.. fri wit chelsia to dye hair.. sat might be going out wit dodo.. sun is churhc's anniversary and festival of praise..woooohooo so now left wed and thur.. appt booking starts now... yippeeee...

With Love, 10:20 PM

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