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Monday, July 25, 2005'♥

Extracted from the Bible... when u sow in tears u shall reap in joy.. for whatever u sow..it will surely be added back to you....

Blessings is coming upon mi... even though its small blessings..but im realli happy to receive it.. and when u bless others the feeling is so great..u feel happy man.. Bought two tube top for my baby weisi and her sister.. from KIDS..and they loved it so much my baby dun even bear to take it off.. looking at the joy on their face..makes mi realise its good to bless others..

Went to wk in the morning.. when i reached there..Agnes was already there.. she bought mi a packet of vegetarian bee hoon...so sweet rite.. im super touched man.. then in the afternoon...when Sandy came..she bought mi the gelato ice-cream when both of us have been aiming for days..lolz.. im so happy today... its nt the food tat they bless mi..its their sincerity...awwwww..the tot of leaving them is sooooooo sad.. helped Agnes did her preparation for her Leadership test today.. hehe i can be a trainer too wor..was so worried for her..coz she failed it previously.. Thank God she passed it today man..was feeling happy for her..tink its been stressful for her the past few days..coz she didnt even have time to read thru it lor.. luckily she went for her exams.. if not i will sure cry de when i left the shop today...

Ah zhen is going to labour soon in a week..yeah yeah and i had bought some baby clothing for my god daughter le..woooohooo...i can hug a baby soon wor..dun be jealous k..gonna mit her on wed to pass her the clothes ba..and i wanna thank DODO yst..for telling mi a LAME joke abt....well i shldnt mention.. anyway pls remember the golden rules k dodo...

Note to Selyn: Hey ger dun be discouraged..im sure u will find a good job soon.. meanwhile continue on i will continue to send u those jobs tat ppl emailed mi.. when im free i will go find u for lunch de..

With Love, 11:56 PM

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