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Tuesday, July 05, 2005'♥

Been a few days since ive blogged...or maybe i should say i got blogged but blogged rubbish??

Ive been transfer to Fox KIDS liao..tink its kinda of permanent..the onli bad thing abt it is that i need to wrk until 7pm for morning shift and one full shift every week..hai..dunno whether i can take it ma..shld give it a try..dun intend to wrk this job any longer..so maybe after the second job im quitting.. alot of ppl is quitting..huimin, wayne and the newcomer Jo.. Brent is looking out for jobs too.. so far onli our SELYN can endure..hehe..Agnes is my supervisor now..she is at least 1000 TIMES better than the witch..The working environment allows mi to see alot of kids..and they are so cute..feel veri happy when they look great in wearing the clothes i recommend to them..anyway next week i will be going for the cust svc course..so lonely..go alone lei..suppose to go wit hui min but..haiz..

Got my pay le..and i went for shopping therapy wit Selyn yst..bought her her bd present..a top from FOX KIDS (yes u didnt see wrongly...ppl is slim ma...haha) and a brienstock wit sequins..we both have the same one..hehe then i went to do french manicure, bought a top from MANGO..finally manage to find one top in a middle of the mess..bought a hair curler from WATSON..$8.90 nia..haha then i can perm my hair anytime i want.. a cap from FOX...haha i will wear cap one hor.. feel so good to go shopping.. it can realli release stress lor.. but when u go and look at ur bank acc..haiz...lolz..start from scratch again...haha..

Tonite shld be going Jennifer's chalet wit David and Lena ba..David is coming to fetch us..woooo..first time sit his car after he bought it.. last time is sit lorry lor..muahaha..hope i will not be too tired to go...and most importantly hope i can enjoy myself..lolz...

With Love, 8:47 AM

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