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Friday, July 01, 2005'♥

Back finally after a long day.. work morning shift at FOX kids today.. super sian lor..although nothing much to do..but i was bored to death..open all the stock tat is needed for replenishing..did everything and its not even two in the afternoon.. keep tinking wad is selyn they all doing at FOX ADULT..and i realise I MISS them.. haiz.. i shall not complain so much abt my FOX ADULT le.. hehe..

Got a few kids that is cute today came to our shop...and i helped to clinch most of the deals lor.. hehe even Sandy say i can work as Insurance Agent..bu hao yi si la... anyway the sales is not veri good there.. finally got my pay..haiz first month is always veri little..but ok la.. in the end its up to wad i expected.. i shall start SAVING le.. no more spending so much..coz i know the feeling of being BROKE...so dun ask mi for treats hor.. haha all my creditors are coming to find mi liao..

Went for cg today.. and Ban Chuan told us abt his era de cartoon MIGHTY MOUSE?? wad is it man..nv heard before.. he make us laugh until pengs lor.. Auntie Katherine cooked Spagetthi for us.. and we celebrated Mabel's bd.. all eat until full full liao..in the end im the cinderella lor..cleaned up all the dishes but ok la.. then Ban Chuan send mi and Chelsia to the MRT..on the way he tried to imitate the stunt from INITIAL D.. but he FAILED TOTALLY hahhaha.. ppl EVO 7 lor.. he onli Mistubishi Lancer..hahah.. buay tahan.. he is a nice leader who is always LAME..gonna write him a letter later to confess abt something.. God gave mi strength and courage pls...

Tmr gonna serve in Gloria Jeans.. after work got one hr of free time before going to take the bus to church..so im gonna shop shop ard.. hopefully my money can be used liao.. Sunday feel like going shopping..who is free??? its been long since i went shopping le.. somemore must do it before building fund lor.. lol...

With Love, 11:50 PM

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